The Favourites: Top 10 Recap

So after almost a month (or more?), I've gotten through my own Top 10 Favourites challenge.*

Here they are, all 10 categories' Top 10

It was actually a lot of fun- and I'm sure all my lists will change in a matter of years. Maybe even months! It was also just a way to remind myself of the great things in life. It's often we take things for granted and don't look into the little things that uplift is, that we find solace in. Reading, watching your favourite movie or TV Show, talking to a friend, buying flowers, listening to music or maybe just closing your eyes and remembering an event, someone or something.

How do you unwind or cheer yourself up?

And just because, here's a cool cat. My kind of feline! **

*It wasn't really so much of a challenge as a starter to get me writing and busy on the blog.
** Says the Cat Lady.

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  1. I go mad shopping to cheer up, blog, or write in my journal. Love this post.

    Follow me on my wild journey.