Howling at the moon

The moon has been pretty radiant this past week. Yellow-y to blinding light, it hangs up in the sky.
So... It inspired me to pop out out into the garden with my ukulele and croak out a tune.

It'd been a while but, man, it felt good.

Don't forget to look up at the night sky from time to time. You'll be surprised at how it can make you feel. 


In the beginning was the image...

The sound. The setting. The character.
A moving montage that reels you in, ready to transport you to the director's vision, another reality.


This weekend, out of nowhere, I started to think about my favourite movie openings and what it is about them that makes them stand out (for me, personally). 

Manhattan (1979) dir. Woody Allen

"New York was his town. And it always would be."
The city of New York will always work in your favour. And alongside Gerswhin? Oooof.
Even Allen's neurosis jus feels right- it captures that 'New Yorker' vibe; but it knows when to stop- to savour that last visual orgasm.

Raging Bull (1980) dir. Martin Scorcese

Simple yet powerful. Scorcese's got style.
I'm da boss. I'm da boss.

Trainspotting (1996) dir. Danny Boyle

How does that saying go- Live fast, die young?
Or Choose life?

2001: A Space Oddyssey (1968) dir. Stanley Kubrick

Kukrick in general always made excellent classical music choices. This is just one of the most memorable ones.
Blue Danube and zero gravity, amirite?

Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. Quentin Tarantino

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) dir. Blake Edwards

Henry Mancini's nostalgic 'Moon River' + 5th Ave + Audrey Hepburn in a LBD

There's a nice anecdote about this scene: the day of the shoot, production was worried about having to stave off passersby and hold up the expected 5th Avenue commotion; to their surprise, 5th Ave was as calm as they wished it would be.



Happy Easter!

Because nothing says Easter like Tom Hulce (aka Amadeus) in a unicorn headpiece and a cat with bunny ears.



Ye Olde Blogge

Life has been going on at full speed; not that I ever actually do update my blog, but it has been harder to do these past months. 

I went to New York to an incredible workshop where I danced my heart and feet out and met some awesome people. 
I came back home to a Ballet exam and to a performance. 
My last semester has been taking its toll on me emotionally and we are now finally ready to start our final presentation: a full length musical. 

 We had this week off; to Americans, it's Spring Break. For us, it's Holy Week (the week previous to Easter). I'm not much of a religious person, so to me it's just a nice week off (where I'll probably end up watching Jesus Christ Superstar because, well, it's fitting, no?). 

I went off to Veracruz to visit my grandmother and take some days off the web. Reading, eating, sleeping was done- to which I am grateful because it was much needed. 

Mexico City is pretty rad. 

Wednesday, the first day of April; a lazy day. 
Some more reading, film watching, nail painting, writing will be done. And it's days like these that make me happy. 

What is everyone reading? Or watching? 

And how is life?