Who Can Take the Rainbow, Wrap it in a Sigh?

The candy man. The candy man can.
And Steven Meisel's Louis Vuitton 2012 Spring campaign can too.

This campaign is delicious. Fizzy. Cute. 
Or in the words of "James Lipton"*: SCRUMTRALESCENT

 Modern and yet retro, cutesy/girly but classy nonetheless. Just all around fun- and with "serious" campaigns all around, this one's bound to get your attention.

Now, I am not a big fan of Louis Vuitton- in fact, I love the design of their classic bags but I hate the monogram all over them**- and when I saw this campaign for the first time I thought it was Prada. 
Surprise, surprise.
Goodbye boring classic browns, hello colour!

* Well, Will Ferrell as James Lipton, that is.
** I know that's not always the case with all their bags and it is what makes them unique, but eh. I don't judge people who own them, but I do roll my eyes every once in a while...
One I do like? The bucket bag...


  1. Me encantaron los zapatos !!

    1. A mi tambien! Y la bolsa blanca...

  2. very cute pictures and a lovely shade of pink. <3

  3. Wow, what a beautiful shoot!