The Favourites - Day 2: Drinks

I've always wanted to say that. I can picture myself at a bar after a brawl or tense situation has just taken place, or maybe everyone's favourite team has just lost, and I liven up the mood with those 3 words.
Of course I'd have to be loaded with cash (depending on the number of people) because it would be a downer having to say, "Oh, except you... and you. And you with the mullet."... 
But I digress--

Let's talk about what everyone likes to drink! And I don't really mean alcoholic beverages - there's a time and place for that- but your everyday hydrating pick-me-ups.
What would your day be like without that morning cup o' joe? Or going to the gym without your water bottle or gatorade?
It's a simple fact: we NEED to drink.

1. Water (duh)

My mother's one of those 'water haters'. "It doesn't taste like anything!" is always her complaint. And I know a lot of people have a hard time drinking it. It's so hard for me to imagine that- I carry water on me at all times. 
Spruce it up with a hint of lime or slices of cucumber!

2. Tea

It's true. It used to be I'd drink a proper cup of tea (by English standards- milk, no sugar) every morning. Hell, on "special" days (i.e. days when papers/essays were due) the whole night was a friggin' never ending tea party...
Now, the first thing I make myself every morning is a cup of Green Tea. 
Cold days aren't bearable without tea, either. Earl Grey, Rooibos, Infusions, Chai. So much to choose from!
(speaking of Chai: This is where you'll find the best damn cup of chai)

3. Lemonade

Ahhhhhh. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I have never heard wiser words- actually, that's not true. But I find drinking lemonade is an instant "feel good doer".  

4. Smoothies

The breakfast of the morning-lazies champions! The recipe is: put anything/everything you want in a blender and take it to go. This can include, but is not limited to: milk, fruit, cereal, yogurt, ice, vanilla, sugar, protein....

5. Horchata (or Rice Water)

Once again, Mexico and its flavours top my personal favourites.
Horchata is mayan for "Water of the Gods" - at least that's the meaning I would give it if it was, indeed, a Mayan word...
You can normally find horchata at a taco chain restaurant. That and....

6. Jamaica 

Boiled hibiscus leaves watered down + sugar is pretty much what Jamaica is.
It's also good for your blood pressure.
So get thee to a taqueria and feast!

7. (Yerba) Mate

I don't think I've looked hard enough, because I still haven't been able to find mate close to where I live.
Some people think it's bitter, but I think it's delicious. And it makes me feel like I'm part of a ritual/ceremony, drinking it properly in a guampa with a bombilla.

8. Thai Iced Tea

After Mexican cuisine comes Thai cuisine, in my books. And that includes Thai Iced Tea.
It's hard to describe the flavour- it's bold, it's a little on the sweet side, it's milky...

Okay, I had to include some alcoholic beverages.

9. Rompope

Another Mexican goodie. I guess its American equivalent would be eggnog.
I don't meant to brag, but my mom makes the best rompope I've ever tried. I guess her adding a little more alcohol might have something to do with it...

10. Vodka Tonic

This doesn't need an explanation.

I drink coffee too and I love the smell of it, but it's not a favourite. 
Juices? Fruits and smoothies do it for me. 
What about you?

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