Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah!

Greetings Earthlings Bloglings!

As I continue to get my shit together and upload my Chiang Mai adventures, I've been busy eating Pocky*, painting **, day trips to Historical Parks and watching Law & Order: SVU whenever I can.
That's how I roll.

So, c'mon flyyy with me.

Let's get crazy a-la- fangirl Judy, it's Saturday!

* THIS Japanese treat.


Doing It Right (Funny Friday)

Impersonations are only funny when a) they're uncanny and b) nothing* like the original.

Mr. Spacey is known for his dramatic roles but he's actually really funny and one hell of an impersonator.
Why don't you be the judge?

My favourite is Pacino. All it took was that one word!

My impersonator party tricks are:
- Louis (of Family Guy): limited to only saying, "Oh, Peeeteeer!"
- Koothrappali (of Big Bang Theory): again, limited to "Dude, that was totally not cool."**

Do you or do you know anyone who does a decent impersonation of someone?

* Not true- there has to be SOME sort of similarity, a small gesture can make all the difference, and that's it. And that's not necessarily an impersonation as it is a parody.
** I'm Mexican and I master the indian accent better than I can a latino one. I don't get it.


Of Magic Mirrors, Poisoned Apples and Swords

Yesterday I made my way to the movie theater to see what was playing- lo & behold: Snow White & the Huntsman was about to begin.

Summer blockbusters aren't really my thing, but that never stops me from watching them. [I have yet to watch MIB 3]
I also wanted to draw a comparison with Tarsem's Mirror, Mirror (which I reviewed here) and just let the movie do its job and transport me to faraway lands for a couple of hours.

Oh, it did its job.


Monday: The Start of the Week

I had an interesting and fun weekend. 
I travelled up to the North of Thailand to Chiang Mai. It was beautiful, serene and full of wonderful moments where I felt incredibly peaceful.
Full + proper post will definitely be coming this week.

Here's a sneak peak...

Today's Monday consisted of...

A Movie

Something Borrowed

Source: imdb.com via Alison on Pinterest

Lesson: If you're going to watch a movie with/about brides, then this should be the one. (Seriously, someone get it for me on DVD)
I'm a sucker for those I've-always-loved-you-I-should've-let-you-know type of movies.
Overall,  Something Borrowed was cute but it felt like Bride Wars all over again with Kate Hudson playing the same role... (doesn't she always?*). John Krasinski's character especially, made me laugh out loud on various occasions and there was a choreographed dance scene. *Shrugs shoulders* I'd watch it again.
The last 15-20 mins did feel rushed and inconclusive (side-plot wise) - I wonder if the book was any different?
A chick flick rom-com every now and then is necessary, methinks.**

A Book
Ever since I picked up Death on the Nile at the beginning of this year, I've wanted to read another Christie book. You can tell this is one of her later books, as I feel the general pace and story-telling differs from DotN- however, this has not stopped be from being sucked into it.

Do you read mystery/crime novels? Agatha Christie?
If so, what do you recommend?

* Don't get me wrong, I do have a liking for Kate Hudson. She radiates so much energy! And she had M. Bellamy's (of Muse) baby. Cool in my books.
** Did I mention I teared up a couple of times? Yeah. I'm that sap.


Babies & Parrots & Women (?) on Friday's Funny

I've been on an SNL kick, as of late. Thanks to youtube I'm discovering (and re-discovering) some real laugh out loud treasures. Like this video here: two great ladies being awesome and funny.

Also, I wish there were more Spartan cheerleaders skits out there. Can we talk about Cheri Oteri oozing energy and permeating from screen to viewer? Yeah. THAT GOOD.

What impressions do you do? :)


Music Obsessions Of Late

We've all seen Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby trailer, right?
And was anyone else truly taken by the second song in it, because it's all I've been listening to recently.

The other two songs I seem to overplay at the gym are Gaga's Americano (watching Puss in Boots on the plane might've had something to do with this...) and Muse's Neutron Star Collision.

Anything by Muse really pumps me up- or drives me to tears. I love them.

Oh. And yes. I've been singing along to that one song that has most likely caused you to roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders and dance along.

So, here's my number.
Call me. Maybe?
*wink wink*


Of Dolls and Books

Hidden in the middle of the tiniest of narrow soi* sits the Bangkok Doll Museum & Factory.
Now, it's not a 'proper' museum as you and I know them. This museum is more a house showcasing a collection- but credit must be given where credit is due. The collection, not small at all, is phenomenal. From the first Bangkok Doll to "stuffed" creatures from around the world (you'll see what I mean past the cut).
It's interesting to see how dolls differ and are similar around the world and throughout the years!


Last (Last) Week in Pictures

I'm awful at posting events when they are relevant, especially if I'm in the middle of something (i.e. my Japan posts). These last two weeks I took a couple of pictures inspired by the sights, the hubbub of Bangkok.


The skies here never cease to take my breath away. The colours, the sky, how quickly it changes its mind...

My dad & I spent some quality time together and took a long-tail boat ride through the canals in the city. I've been here since February and I still had not been on one of these boats, can you believe it?
Better later than never, right?


Flowers & Trees- Oh my!

I'd like to take this moment to go back to my trip to Japan, just one last time... 

I think part of the reason I fell in love with the trees, flowers & general flora of Japan is thanks to my oriental painting class. Most of the leaves and trees I have been studying painting, I had never seen in real life. To me, they felt like an exaggeration of a leaf/tree.
My excitement upon my first encounter with trees in a park was not contained: here I was in the presence of trees I thought didn't exist, of shapes and sizes that were only in the minds of oriental painters. 

Step into "my" garden, right this way....


Choppin' Broccoli on a Funny Friday

This reminds me of where I come from. 

And by that I mean, SNL meant EVERYTHING to me when I was young (from 12 years old onwards). It gave me us some of the best comedians and humour that would transcend into what we have today (well, doesn't everything, really?).

Here's to Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrel, Cheri Oteri, even Janeane Garofalo, Jon Lovitz, Mike Myers and all other SNL alumni (and not- i.e. George Carlin) who were my personal heroes. My mentors.
Most importantly,  here's to funny.
Because without laughter, I don't know where or who I'd be!

Happy Friday! 

PS- Yeah, you'll be singing this song the whole day through...


It's Summertime.

With the weather really heating things up around here, I found it was time to hit up my go-to-come-summer playlist. 
I tend to fantasize being on a beach, the reassuring sound of lapping waves lulling me to sleep, a good book in one hand and a piƱa colada in the other. 
Summer's also the perfect time for adventure, to let yourself run free. 

Here's to Summer!

June books:

What are your favourite summer jams?
And summer reading?


Mini Japan "Recap"

And we have come to the (near) end of the Japan posts. *tear* 
I say near-end because I want to devote a post for all the flowers and trees I came across in Japan. I fell in love <3

Here are a couple of my favourite Instagram & iPod shots from the trip!
First day in Japan. Old School nigthstand and a semi-presentable me by night.
L: Metro Stub ; R: Tokyo Fashion 
This girl had the wackiest outfit- I loved it! You can't tell in this blurry picture, but she actually has goggles around her neck.


Japan: Day 6 - Osaka

It makes me sad to announce that this is the last of the Japan posts. I've enjoyed re-living the sights and fun while sharing them with you all. I am also incredibly grateful for the opportunity of travelling to Japan and, as expected, falling profusely in love with it.
Let's begin!

Osaka was just as charming as Tokyo and Kyoto- and it treated us well with a delightfully warm and sunny day!

Getting out of the Tanimachi4-chome subway station was quite the sight! The Osaka History Museum and NHK building literally took my breath away and left me in awe.* 

Except this post to be a little image heavy!


Japan: Day 5- Kyoto Morning Tour & Arrival at Osaka

Of course, the day we're taking a somewhat-intense tour, the day is overcast.
I'll let you in on a spoiler slash downer- it was raining. All freakin' day.

But you must always press on.
Which is what we did. Kinkaku-ji was definitely not something to be missed, seeing as this was our last not-full day in Kyoto.


Funny Friday: Just Because It's June

June, June, JOAN!

Believe me when I say that I will be watching this video every single day of June.*
It never fails to make me laugh- as it never fails to annoy my loved ones by my incessant singing of it.

But guys, June IS bustin' out all over.
Summer has arrived!

Happy Friday but most importantly, Happy June!

* Okay, that's too crazy- but I will be watching it a lot throughout the month...

Japan: Day 4- Kyoto

Day 4 began by walking over to another (nearby) hotel in the hopes of tagging along with a tour. Turns out they were full that day, but we reserved seats for the following Morning Tour- as we had to get to Osaka!

We took the day in at our own pace- stopping by the post office* first and making our way to the bus stop.

Kyoto Station