The Favourites - Day 4: Flowers

I'm not sure why I chose flowers as a favourites category, to be honest. I'm not much of a "flower girl". By that I mean, I like flowers and I appreciate their colours and scents, but I don't like buying flowers. I don't like having them in vases around the house.
I love flowers where they belong: in a garden, outside.

When I read The Secret Garden and Mandy when I was younger, I wanted a garden just like them. That I could look after, have tea parties in...
I now imagine myself in my 80's and tending a garden. That would be a great way to age.

1. Cempazuchitl (or Yellow Marigold)

The Day of the Dead is all about celebrating life, making an altar to your deceased loved ones, eating pan de muerto, and buying cempazuchitl. I think the flower itself celebrates life with its vibrant yellow-ish orange colour! 

2. Morning Glory

I just think any flower that "wakes up" as we do when the sun comes out, is a pretty groovy flower. It's vibrant colour also makes it stand out.
They're also mentioned in one of my favourite Oasis albums. 

3. White Roses

White roses, to me, are like a symbol of romanticism. Of love. They're so pure, fresh, and sweet smelling.
I wouldn't mind a dozen roses in my room...

4. Dahlias
Richard Bradshaw1 from Flickr

Last year I went to Washington and my cousin took me to a garden (Tacoma Garden)- the Dahlias are what struck me the most. The variety, the colours, the shapes- I still can't get over them! 

5. Peonies
I took this picture.
Last year I went to a wedding (not in Washington, though) and fell in love with the bridesmaids bouquets! Their cute pink colour and myriad of petals is what caught my attention.

6. Daisies

Kathleen Kelly: They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower? 
That's what I always think of when I see daisies. And I find it so true. They're so cute and dainty without being over the top. Just two colours, a few petals and a longish stem. They're what I'd call chic casual.

7. Lavender 

I think this picture speaks louder than words because who wouldn't want to be there? I know I would be running around like a mad woman, twirling and giggling, pulling a Julie-Andrews-at-the-beginning-of-The-Sound-of-Music. 
Everyone's invited!

8. Bird of Paradise
Debg203 of Flickr

You'd think this flower was poisonous with it's vibrant colours and pointy/shooting out petals. There's so much going on, but it works. The name is no surprise either- it looks like a bird.
You've heard of bugs imitating plants, but the other way round? Now that's something special.

9. Bugambilias 

You can find bugambilias anywhere in Mexico, and they truly add a pop of colour!
Apparently the colourful part of the flower are not petals but "modified leaves". They can withstand all seasons and still look fabulous.

10. Weeping Willow 

I know this isn't a flower, but I wanted to give a shout-out to my favourite tree! 
I'm surprised I actually don't dislike this tree because, being a huge Disney fan and growing up watching all the movies, I thought Grandmother Willow was scary and boring (well, her song was a little on the boring side- but catchy)...
I want a Weeping Willow in my garden one day. I'll put a bench underneath, have picnics, tea parties and read in the afternoons. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I figure what this blog is really about and I master HTML. 
Favourite websites tomorrow!

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