Of Workshops & Brushstrokes: Finale

And so we came to the end of the 4-week workshop on Saturday.
The harder the subjects got, the more difficult it was for me to concentrate- wanting to take photos, some drumming practice across the street in the park, fighting off the 'negative' self doubt, etc etc.
I discovered it was "letting go" that was most rewarding and not the 'final' product on paper. I won't lie though- it was great when something did turn out to be decent looking!
Left: A beautifully carved paper weight

We began with trees, bare and then full of leaves.

Rocks were also a lot harder than I thought. 
Still life bears a whole new meaning. See, I've always considered myself appreciative of art (styles, form) but I have such respect for the process now! I never thought it was an easy task, but dedication, precision, passion and patience are but a few artist requirements.
Trial and error.

And look who decided to stop on by towards the end of class again?

I also thought this was amusing:
The brush in hand journey does not end here though. There will be more teachings to come in the following weeks. I'm very excited about that!

Oh! And I was finally able to upload the video on youtube. Enjoy the creation of a Lotus Flower.

My Flickr album has been updated with a couple more pictures here.

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  1. This art class looks cool! <3