The Favourites - Day 5: Websites

Can you guys believe the internet has only been around for like a decade or so? It's amazing how long it has come- and how accessible/needed it is too.
Remember when you had to wait a minute or so to connect
Before MSN Messenger, before Facebook chat, before Skype or Facetime, there was ICQ and AOL.
Surfing the web used to be so limited and now...
Well, now it's just hard to do anything on the computer without opening new tabs/windows and jumping from page to page.

Before I begin I must note, some websites I do check daily and others just on a whim. Or if I'm looking for something in particular.

1. tumblr

Oh tumblr. How did I even get sucked into you? 
It used to be I had a livejournal account (personal entries are private) and now, it's all just become a collection of pictures on tumblr. Don't get me wrong- tumblr never ceases to amaze and inspire me!
Are you ready to tumbl?

I had a crush on Zooey Deschanel before she was Zooey, just ask any of my friends. So, it'd only make sense that I'd like a website she co-created.
I don't really check it all the time, but most articles are fun, witty, hilarious and just downright entertaining. And it's varied.
Plus, when you place your mouse over the three heads, they giggle!

What I like about this site is discovering how you have so much in common with people, you can't even imagine!
Pinterest is pretty much what it is: a collection of your inspiration boards. You like something you saw onlnine? You just Pin It, and voila! You can go back to it later and finish analysing/admiring it.
You can find my boards here.

I wish I was good with makeup- as with clothes, but I'll get back to that another time...
I've never seen an episode of The Hills or The City in my life, and I didn't know who Lauren Conrad was for the longest time-- but I came across this website.
Their tutorials are Ah-mazing. That's all I need to say. And, in my opinion (which may not be much, actually) they're fashion/trend savvy.

I had to include google. You know you like in the 21st Century when you say, "Google it".
And we all do google it. Google has the answers to everything (granted, it finds you many different answers, some not so reliable). Heck- most of the pictures from my favourites post I googled (or got from tumblr & pinterest). 
Plus, on holidays, they 'decorate' their logo.

I'm new to this whole blogging "thing" myself, but I've been following some blogs for a while. And bloglovin' makes it so easy! 

I recently just "discovered" this website and it's intense. In all senses of the word.
Some art is not my style, but I think it's great to be exposed to things that are a little outside of your comfort zone.
It just also constantly reminds me of the great creative minds out there who DO, who ACT and are themselves. I praise that any chance I can.

Online shopping isn't something I do, though I have tried it.
What I like about amazon is: it gives me prices, it lets your 'look inside' books, it recommends things you might like. 

If you like old fashioned mail, then this is also the place for you!
I grew up having penpals in school, so this whole "send a postcard, get one back" is not a remote idea to me.
Mail needs to make a comeback!

10. Martha Stewart
Ah, the legend. Martha Stewart. What hasn't Martha Stewart done? I mean, she's been in jail. This lady is one tough cookie- and she makes mean cookies. And by mean, I mean delicious.
I love that she shares recipes for free online. And craft ideas.
She gets extra cool points for drinking beer with my favourite man on Earth.

So there you have it.
If you're wondering why I haven't included Facebook, it's simple: I don't have a Facebook account.
It's only been a month or so, but I decided to take a sabbatical from it.
Besides, I'm already on Twitter (and all those other sites)-- and E-MAIL. If you want to stay in touch with someone, if you truly wish to communicate, there's always e-mail.
It's my favourite.
I do, however, appreciate social networking sites in all their forms. I've found that you truly do make friends.

Artists is the category for tomorrow's post!

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