The Road to...

This is me today.  Putting off work I should be doing.
Work I need to do. 

And since my blog writing is still a little inconsistent and lazy, I will rely on bullet point- once again- to get out all I want to.

+ Have I ever mentioned I'm taking makeup classes in school? And that they're the best thing ever?
This was this week's work.
That's latex, fake blood, paint and gel.
Seriously, it's amazing what you can do with all that stuff. I'm  making it a goal to practise all I learned in the summer and do a photo shoot. 

+ I'm reading The Artist's Way and am up to Week 3. 
It's intense alright, keeping up with all the tasks. Some days I find the morning pages a real bore and useless. Others, not so much. 
I have been discovering things about myself, little by little. Especially my own creative blocks and artistic confidence. 
This is why my hopes are high on 2014. It's time I finally free myself, creatively, and focus more on doing.
At least, that's what I hope to get out of it.

+ I went to a public library in Mexico for the first time EVER.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my library card because I didn't have the right ID and documents with me at the time. But mark my words. I will be back. And back again every week!

+ I'm writing for a blog now- in spanish. And the cool/fun thing is I get to go to screenings for free.
This is pretty much the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.
My first review is here.
This is the work I should be doing.
I've been going to these documentaries screenings for a Festival that'll take place at the end of the month. 

+ Due to the screenings, I have fallen in love with Alex Ebert. 
♥ ♥
Jade Castrinos is my Spirit Animal. 
Also, just when I think I'm over Mumford & Sons... I discover I'm not.

+ I'm supposed to meet up with my cousins, but they're napping, so...

Alrighty. I guess I should get to work now.


Social Networks & New Year's Resolutions...

Is it just me or is everyone hopeful for 2014?
I include myself in this.
But there really seems to be a lot of promise in this new year. There's something in the air. Or the cosmos.

I plan to read more.
Go on dates.
Watch more movies.
Worry less.
Create more.
Judge less.
And have fun, overall.

Waking up from a 2 year lull never felt so good. The hazy veil is being lifted off slowly, but I feel like I'm beginning to see a lot clearer.
Of truly going into the direction I want to go. Become what I want to be and who I already am.

So I wish you all your heart's desires for this 2014!
Go out and live life & make the best of everything.
Be curiouser and curiouser!


Other notes of worth:
+ I've joined goodreads ! Hopefully this'll entice and encourage me to read more. Anyone else out there? Would love to connect through there too!

+ I started watching Sherlock and have been sucked into it.

+ I was surprisingly delighted by 'About Time' (the film)

+ I will write on my blog more often, even if they are nonsensical ravings.

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