Siam Ocean World

Oh my!

This weekend I met up with my friend and we decided to check out Siam Ocean World.
Welcome to Bangkok, where the malls have your average shops and aquariums.
Siam Paragon is intense (it's in bold, you know it's fo'real). The mall's so big, there are 4 different Starbucks in it alone. It was an experience just being in that mall!
Siam Ocean World also has different activities you can partake in, such as: diving with the sharks, glass bottom boat ride, and "walking" on the ocean floor.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took.

Seahorses are one of my favourite sea animals. The males carry and give birth to the babies- what's not to like? And the fishes on the right looked like they were smiling :)

I remember seeing that salamander on the BBC's Planet Earth series. (It's Ah-mazing)
Doesn't the fish on the right look like it's made of lace?

The creepy crawlies! All Mexican "animals" were spiders tarantulas, funnily enough. Good thing I'd never seen them.

This was my absolute favourite! The Water Rat. It was just plain adorable, I could've spent hours watching them.

Monsieur Shark.

And the Jellies, of course. So beautiful. So serene.

Nature is breathtaking. Such complex and different beings!
But this is also why I'm scared of the ocean- you don't really know what's beneath you...

On a personal note, part of me didn't enjoy it all that much because I kept thinking about the poor animals. They are in captivity, in a "fake" home- some of them alone, others with company in a space whose size is unsuitable... It's great that we have these opportunities to be able to see such rare animals but at the same time people are also desensitised by the glass that separates us. 


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  1. Ahhh I love aquariums! Also, are you going to be back in Mex any time soon?! Y porque no the encuentro en Facebook?! Te quiero mandar un mensaje! xx