And the Emmy goes to...

I'm not very excited about the Emmy's this year (well, I don't think I ever have been), but this video is just too good to not share.

Parker Posey is hilarious.
I've always said that if I could have anyone's acting career, I'd choose hers.


Thursday September Jam (Of Yore)

Now, I'm not an avid radio listener. No. I prefer to spend 3 minutes of 'semi-silence' skipping over every other song on my iPod to the right song* than listening in on people calling a DJ.** 
That being said, I'll tune in every now and discover a new song.

Well, new to me, that is.
Like this David Guetta & Sia gem.

(Hey- it's the kid from Super 8!)
It's almost a year old come December, but I can't get enough of it!

So, are you just as out of touch with new music as I am?
What are some of your new musical discoveries?
Please, I need your help :)

* It normally ends up being a Judy Garland:Live at Carnegie song. 
** Lame conversations with awful jokes? Nah, I'm good.


Bad (Blogging) Form*

Fact: Being back home has proved great for me (personally) but awful for my blogging.

1. Maybe it's a little too soon to tell- after all, it's only been 9 days- but I dig being 25.

2. September 2nd, morning moon greeting.**

3. I'm in school again.
And I love it.

* Said in a Uncle Dusty Hook voice...
** Jet lag still had its curse upon me. I guess seeing the moon in its splendour at 5am makes up for being awake at an ungodly hour.