April's almost over, and that means...

Happy May!
Another month already in 2012- can somebody please tell time to slow down juuuust a tad?



And I totally am talking about Beyonce's Countdown.

I've been obsessed with this song for a little over a month now (I know it's been out for a looong time). To tell you the truth, I didn't like it AT ALL when I first heard it. I thought it was a little hard on my ears and rhythmically all over the place. Clear example when first impressions are wrong.*
Me and boo, and my boo boo riding
All up in that black with his chick right beside him
Ladies, if you love your man show him you the finest
Grind up on it, girl, show him how you ride it
 It's like poetry- I don't know what any of it means. That's not true, I understand poetry more than popular culture- but that's just me. Point is, it gets me going. It gets me groovin'. It gets me grinding (another big lie).

Actually, I've never considered myself a Beyonce fan- which doesn't mean I've never liked her- but I think 4 (the album) has changed all that.
Love on Top and End of Time are also worth a listen.

I wish I could move like her.
She's one real sexy mama!

* Another example: When Coldplay's Yellow first came out, I couldn't stand it. I thought it was an "eh" song with too much hype... The Scientist shed new light on them for me and well, as they say, the rest if history (i.e. Big fan of Coldplay).


Taking Funny Friday to a 'Personal' Level.

Brief Announcement: New photos up on my Flickr stream!

As for today's Funny Friday- I actually really dislike seeing myself on video (and photos too, sometimes) but also really enjoyed playing the uke and singing along.*
I originally intended on singing the song as well as I could, but I got a little confused/lost and just went with it anyway.

Yes, I'm aware I'm a little crazy.

I think we should all have bonfire nights more often and sing, jump and laugh in the moonlight.
Who says I?

* Back in the day in my NYC living days, I was just a backup player for my uber-talented and fabulous roommate/friend. I won't lie, there are a couple of really good ones. Click here!

Manila Part 2

You know what I noticed about the Filipinos? They all have amazing voices. And they like to sing.
Throughout the trip I came across people -in a shop, in the bathroom, on the street, etc- singing to themselves. But full on singing, without holding back. I thought it was beautiful.
And like I said, it didn't hurt that they all did it on perfect pitch!

Alright, moving on to part deux of the photo spamming.*
This particular day took on more of a scenic route (ha!), which I was totally up for.

See the one with the crater? That's a volcano. Taal volcano. 


Manila: Part 1

"Hello, Manila!" is how I greeted this new-to-me city last week. I did not know what to expect and therefore didn't know how reminiscent of my own home country (Mexico) it would be. 
I had to leave Thailand to sort out some Visa 'issues' and decided to do some sight-seeing as well.

There's a reason I'm not a travel agent (other than never actually wanting to be one, that is)- I am crap at planning trips to places I've never been. If I've lived in a place or have been there before, piece of cake, I'm the one you want to call. If not, oy...
That being said, I fear I did not get to fully immerse myself in the Filippino landscapes and city. Maybe next time.
Have you been? What places do you recommend? Or what's a must-do?
I found this sign rather amusing- it was next to an elevator at this HUGE mall. More places should post up signs like this one.

I over indulged myself on my trip. From morning (Breakfast Buffet was like heaven) to night, snacks and desserts were difficult to say no to. Such as this one: Taho. Silken tofu with amilba with tapioca-like pearls. Deeeelicious!


Titanic 4D: In which I freeze to death just like Jack Dawson

I like this poster better than the 3D one.
In the 24 years of my life, I've only ever had 2 boyfriends. One in highschool (that lasted about 3-4 months), and one a couple of years ago (with an all time record of 2 years). What does this have to do with Titanic, you ask? Not much, really, only that I tend to go out by myself.* 

For example, I'm not afraid of going to the movies alone. 
And that is exactly what I treated myself to today- a date with myself to watch none other than James Cameron's Titanic. In 3D! (Only the really good boyfriends, which are scarce nowadays, would want to go with you, anyway.)
Pampering knows no boundariess with Hello Kitty involved...


Of Songkran & Island Hopping

In the midst of being AWOL in Manila this past week, I was not able to finish my second (and last) post regarding my wonderfully short trip to Phuket. Here it is,  part II- the islands! Note: Ignore the constant change in exposure... I'm working on it, okay? So cut me some slack. *wink, wink*

And so the Songkran festivities began!
The morning began with monks receiving blessings and a lovely chant from them to us.

Then, the island adventure began! You bet we went to the island The Beach was filmed in...


When Screwing Up is Funny (On Funny Friday)

What's funnier than a funny movie, you ask? Why, the bloopers of course!

I was really excited to watch Bridesmaids when it came out in cinemas for various reasons. Number one being it included SNL alumni (Maya Rudolph was one of my favourites- and Kristen Wiig, well. She's Kristen Wiig). * Numero two was a little more personal as my friend was getting married around the same time it came out- and I was bridesmaid! (Woot, woot!). Number three, well, I'm always up for a comedy- and this one looked darn funny.

And so it was!

It is amazing to me how John Hamm can pull off the "dumb face" so well- goodness, he's so funny and so goodlooking, dammit.
Someone needs to get it for me on DVD so I can rewatch it. 

Hey guys, it's Friday!

* Speaking of SNL and screwing up, part of Jimmy Fallon's charm on SNL was that he screwed cracked up more often than not.  Is so famous for suddenly breaking character that breaking character is sometimes called "Jimmy Falloning" -- IMDb 


In which I travel to a dream beach (and get a little scared)

I'm back from a wonderful couple of days at Phuket. It was a short and sweet trip which mainly consisted of the sea's company (ie. didn't get to visit Old Town Phuket or any other inland attraction, apart from a gas station which I will get to later...).
The last time I went to the beach was over a year ago- the sun, sand and salt water were much needed in my life again, and it felt so good to be reunited! I was made for tropical weather (my hair handling it is proof).

Drinking coconut water (and afterwards carving the 'meat' out) is a must for me at the beach. 

"Still Figuring It Out"

I am in the process of writing/picking out photos for the next post on my trip to Phuket, but in the meantime I thought I'd share this video.

I'm *gulp* almost 10 years older than Tavi and I still find her very inspiring. 
Young girls today are lucky to have someone as smart as her to look up to.
Here, here to Miss Gevinson!


Funny Friday

Let me begin by saying that I don't actually follow TV shows anymore.
In fact, the last one I recall following "religiously"* was Lost. And I still haven't seen the last season. I know, I know. Cut me some slack, college got in the way!
So, when my sister suggested I watch The Big Bang Theory I wasn't very keen on it. 
To my surprise, I really really liked it!

Even though the show (and characters) gets a little repetitive, I still find myself laughing out loud. I want to say Sheldon and Penny are my favourites, but it's so hard to pick!

This scene is typical Sheldon. (Then again, when is he not?)

To view the full scene, click here!
And the blooper's worth a watch too, actually.

I have a pretty kind of embarassing (and sad) anecdote that involved The Big Bang Theory, but I'll save that for later. *wink, wink*

Have an interesting and fun Friday!

*Well, religiously is correct as I don't even follow my own religion as I should... (For shame!)


A Little Afternoon Music

For a mellow and thoughtful Thursday.

M.Ward's new album is out-
Calloo! Callay!


Oh! Sweet Mystery of Life At Last I Found You

I turn into a (cool'n'rowdy) man when I eat mangosteens, apparently. 

I'd never tried a mangosteen in my life up until last week and let me tell you, it was glorious. Fireworks went off in my mouth, my taste buds, my stomach, my loins! 
I cannot believe that in the 24 years of my (so-far) life I had never tasted this delicious fruit.
It may be like searching for the Holy Grail in some places, but I assure you, the quest is worth it. 

Bring me some mangosteens!
Tomorrow morning I'm heading to the beach for a couple of days- to Phuket!
It's a big deal for me as it's pretty much a dream come true (as far as beaches go*).

Toodles for now!

*Bora Bora and Santorini are on the list too.

All Photos by Me. Cat taken with Instagram App.


A day in the life of Bangkok Skies

April 8, 2012

7am: Bright and spotted

6pm: Nuclear cloud with a dash of orange

8pm: Bright and purple (Lightning!)

I actually love falling asleep to a thunderstorm, especially with a huge window to watch!

All pictures taken with iPod.

Day Trip to Nong Nooch Garden

I'm trying to catch up with day-trips. 
Well, let me correct that: I'm trying to catch up with ONE day trip so I can move on to this week's day trip (in keeping things chronologically on the blog). It's also just a lot of fun to share pictures!

Nong Nooch Garden was a lot of fun (in the sun) up until I got all Debbie Downer on myself.
The gardens are huge and full of beautiful flowers and all sorts of trees. And there are also animals.
Elephants, tigers and birds- oh my!
My excitement came from my proximity to these animals- never had I ever touched an elephant and let it smell me back. And much less had I ever pet a tiger! Being so close to a tiger was like being the ultimate cat lady.

Having said that (and experienced it), I felt extremely bittersweet about it all afterwards. These are wild animals. They deserve are meant to be wild.
When I knelt down next to a tiger for a picture (ugh- don't make me feel worse about it all....) I felt an internal growl as I placed my hand by its neck. I thought, "It can still very well attack me. And it has every right to do so." We can't control them- we like to believe we do, but it's not true. Instincts are their nature, survival. It doesn't matter if they treat them well (okay, it is very important!), but what matters is that they are bounded by cages, bars, and human beings. 

So, that's my mini-rant about my experience. I feel like a hypocrite, but hey. I know better now!

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Left: Gold pheasant. I thought it looked nifty blurred.


Whistling over the River Kwai

I totally whistled that* while on the bridge, but was more like a 'dink'.

Rather than pretend like I know so much about war history, I'll just guide you to Wikipedia (my personal fountain of knowledge) which is far more reliable & accurate than I could ever be. 

Unfortunately, we (my mother and I) were under 'limited-time' pressure and did not visit the cemetery or the Railway of Death. The weather got nasty (don't let the sunny skies fool you), which scared us away in good time as it did, eventually, start to rain.

But I'll go back. So much more to see in Kanchanaburi!
(click on the single photos to go to my Flickr photostream- a couple different photos on there)


"Take This Waltz"

Why I am looking forward to this movie:


Another Friday, Another 'Funny'

Wet Hot American Summer is a gem of a comedy- the cast alone should be reason enough to watch.
I'll let IMDb's summary give you a little taste of what it is:
Summer camp hijinks, set in 1981.

This is the kind of comedy film I would love to be in.

And the one scene I could never get over...

Janeane Garofalo is HI-larious. The scenes between her character and David Hyde Pierce's...
Just, watch it.

Have a lovely weekend!


"Out of the Game" Music Video

M.* Wainwright's latest, with the great and talented Helena Bonham Carter.

I still beat myself up (not literally, of course) for not going to see him at the Royal Albert Hall. 

*M. for Monsieur, not Martha.

A Personal Anthem

Many-a-moons ago (well, maybe not that many, I'm not that old...yet...) I was mildly depressed unhappy. 
Circa 2002, something was bothering me- I don't remember what exactly and I don't recall ever being fully aware of it, but my friends noticed. I can't help but think my approach changed- I became a little more hostile, even to those I was comfortable around.

The morning after a slumber party at my place, while waving off one of the last to be picked up, I walked back to my room and startled my (best) friend. Was she just going through my backpack? Normally I wouldn't have minded, except her "Oh-shit-I've-been-caught" expression made me a little suspicious (and you must remember, I was a hostile hormonal and puberty ridden bitch at this time). Evil eye aside, I shrugged it off and spent the rest of the day hanging out with her* and never brought up the bag 'incident'.

The back pack. Yes, I still own it... It has come in handy on many occasions.
Now, what does this have to do with "A Personal Anthem"?
Well, a while after my friend had gone home, my suspicious mind got the best of me and I decided to check my backpack. Looking back, I have to laugh at myself- did I really think she'd steal something from me? (Not like school books or notes are much of a loot).
Hidden, underneath textbooks and binders, was a burnt CD. I teared up, for many reasons, but mainly because I felt so lucky and incredibly blessed with this great group of people in my life.
They all signed the back of the case with doodles and mini words of encouragement.

One track on the CD, and quite honestly, that was more than enough.

To this day, this is my go-to song whenever I need a pick me up. Or just an "energy booster".

What's your favourite song/artist to listen to when you want to go to that happy place?
And what's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

* She still so happens to be one of my closest friends.
**They're still pretty unknown to me as I've only ever heard Lucky Denver Mint and Bleed American too.


The Doors

This was just too funny not to post immediately. 

Spot on, Jimmy Fallon. Spot on!