The Favourites - Day 3: Animals

I know not everyone is an animal lover, and that's cool with me. I'm not really much of a dog person (unless you're 'gifting' me a Yorkie or a Pug-- I promise I'll take care of it!). 
Whether you like to accept it or not, animals are fascinating. They communicate, they reproduce, some have rituals and others happen to be much more entertaining than most people in the world.
Try watching Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel, you'll see what I'm talking about.
Or have a laugh with this video.

1. Platypus

They say a platypus is proof that God had a sense of humour.
I just say platypuses are the bees knees. Duck bill, beaver tail, egg laying mammal, venomous ankle spurs- it's a wonder they're not a mess. And thanks to Phineas and Ferb kids today know how cool they really are.
After 'See Northern Lights', 'Pet a platypus' is second on my bucket list. 

2. Cats

Meet Buttercup, my kitty. I adopted her two years ago and she's the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest, lit- *cough* I'll cut the baby talk...
I'll let George Carlin do the talkin' about cats.

3. Ring-Tailed Lemur

Photo by Morten Koldby *
I think I could learn a thing or two about being social from Lemurs. They like to hang out, bathe in the sun and groom each other. Then, they hop off into the sunset, clicking their heels.

4. Fennec Fox

Okay, okay. This one's just a favourite because it's too f*ckin' cute. Look at those ears! And the little beady eyes! And the tiny nose!
Of course, all those things I mentioned that make it adorable are all special characteristics which help it survive in its habitat: The Desert. 

5. Cheetah

I used to be a fast runner as a kid. Not just because I had a lot of energy, but because I wanted to be a cheetah. Running always felt good, and being fast just made it that much better.
If anyone should be king of the 'jungle', it should be a cheetah.

6. Deer

It's not easy being a deer. Bambi. The Yearling. Hunting Season. Even so, to me they represent serenity, calm, peacefulness. There's something about their exuding fragility that makes me admire them.

7. Pigs

"That'll do, pig. That'll do."
Confession: They day Babe was finally available to own on VHS, I became the happiest 8 year old. I still own it, and it's worn out state is proof that I was obsessed with it. They're supposed to be great pets.
And they've made quite a name of themselves : Porky Pig, Miss Piggy, Gordy, Piggly Wiggly...  In Literature too: Charlotte's Web, Animal Farm, Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter's stories, Lord of the Flies... And please, if the Beatles dedicated a whole song to them, you know they're special (even though it isn't necessarily all about them...)
Let's hear it for the pigs!

8. Sea Otter

I remember doing a report in the 3rd grade about Sea Otters. What I don't really remember is what I actually learned/wrote about in the report. All I know is that they float on their backs while they're eating, crackin' away at whatever urchin or hard shelled animal they have picked for the days' meal.

9. Polar Bear

Polar Bears are smart. They know when something is up when it comes to cameras.
Another confession: I cried when I watched an episode of BBC's Planet Earth** and followed a polar bear around, pointing out how global warming is affecting.
I hope these little guys don't die on us in our lifetime, is all I'm saying. 

10. (Three Toed) Sloth

My favourite thing about these animals is their name in portuguese: bicho-preguiƧa. It literally translates to 'lazy animal', and preguiƧa is a fun word to say.
They're not your typical cute furry animal, but as the picture above so clearly depicts, they sure are cuddly!
They're like the yogis of the animal kingdom. We could all learn from sloths- to live in the present and take our time. Why are we always rushing? 

Bring on the flowers.

* Best animal portraits I have ever seen. 
** You MUST watch this series/documentary- everything about it is spectacular!

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