'City' Songs

Even though I think I'm turning Japanese isn't representative of Japan, I'll most likely be humming it at one point during my trip to Japan. I say this because I know I'll fall in love with Tokyo and wish I were Japanese....

Truth is I'm Mexican, but like any human being, I like music! And musicals. And it just so happens that sometimes, when listening to a song, I daydream about singing it at said place mentioned in the song.

For example: When I went to Kanchanaburi I couldn't help whistling the famous River Kwai tune. I am that person... Truth is, when I first arrived to Thailand, I had that awful Bangkok song (from Chess, the musical*) for days on end. I still hum it every now and then, unfortunately.
So, I thought about other songs that could have the same effect.

Where exactly is Gary, Indiana? I mean, what part of Indiana? And what is it like?
Thanks to The Music Man, I've always wondered that.
And I want to be that person that goes visit and annoyingly sings Gary, Indiana like it's a cool thing.
Chances of me going to Indiana are pretty slim though... Drat!

Funny Face isn't my favourite musical or Audrey Hepburn film** but  Bonjour Paris feels like the perfect song to sing upon arrival. I particularly enjoy the song because it showcases how there's something for everyone in Paris. 
Sigh- I yearn for Paris about 2 or 3 times a day... Et bon.

San Francisco open your Golden gate, you'll let nobody wait outside your door!
Hand clapping, skipping et al. This is how I imagine strolling down the S.F streets, up to the Golden Gate bridge. Ideally I'd have Rufus Wainwright alongside me.

There are plenty more San Francisco songs where that came from...
Also worth noting: Rufus Wainwright's trousers. Love.

Hungarian Rhapsody is a classical piano piece and, therefore, makes it a little hard to sing along to. This wouldn't stop me from looping it on my iPod while roaming the streets in Hungary.
Source: google.com via Amanda on Pinterest


I also have the perfect space song, you know, for when I go to the moon.

And just for kicks (even though it's a little dated...)

I used to know this song in its entirety.***

What songs would you like to sing in a specific place?

* I will admit I like some songs from this musical... Only because I like Sutton Foster.
** Worst Audrey Hepburn film goes to another Parisian set love-story, Paris When it Sizzles. Not my kind of campy-ness. That being said, I still own it on DVD...
*** I did a lot of cartoon watching whilst growing up. And Animaniacs was one of my favourites. This one, and correct me if I'm wrong, was penned by the genius that is Tom Lehrer.

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