Traveling the World in an Hour (Sort Of)

I've been in Bangkok for 3 months and a half already and there are some important malls I still have to visit.* Malls are a big deal here in Asia, I've come to realise. I feel like they are in abundance and varied: from random little stores (that, incidentally, sell really cute dresses and accessories) to brand names; you name it, they've got it!
And I won't even get started with the food stalls. Mmmmm.

Today I went to a rather well known (and relatively new) mall called Terminal 21
It's cray-cray (not really, but I like to over use that word)**, but the concept of it is pretty cool. 
Each floor of the mall is furbished according to different places around the world, such as London, Rome, Istanbul, Tokyo, etc... 

I feel a little foolish for not having been prepared (psh, and I call myself a photographer?***) but I plan to go there with a proper camera soon. So, sorry about the crappy photo quality.
Without further ado, here are a couple o' snaps of me in inaction! POW!

A glimpse of the 36m long escalator.

With my mother in San Francisco.
I left my heart there and never wore flowers in my hair...

There are cute little model cars on the bridge, FYI.

At Sea World? Or is that in San Diego?

Helpin' build the bridge.

I'mma goin' to Hollywood!
This is a more elongated Oscar...

Alright Mr.DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Ah, Pareee. If only...

Vacanze Romane.
Next time I'm totally doin' the famous Audrey photo re-enactment.
Fuck it- outfit and all. (Though don't quote me on that...)

Istanbul. Another dream destination. One day...

I uploaded some photos on Instagram, you can find me as marianabigail too. 

Oh! I ended up buying just one item. A cute (in my opinion) elephant 
I immediately fell in love with this- it's got little elephants!

I promise the pictures will be different next time too. Better quality AND different. 
Next mall on the list: MBK

Where do you stand with malls?
I personally like streets with shops...

* And not just malls- other Thai landmarks on my to-do list too, more importantly. Time is whizzing by! Not counting this month, I've got 3 more months left- eek.
** I also like to over use parentheses and hyphens, if you haven't already noticed.
*** Not really. I just go by my name. But having a Flickr photostream, I feel it gives me some sort of cyber street-cred. (Oooh, shameless self promoting right there.)



  1. That looks like such a fun place! And your outfit is adorable!!! Love it!

    1. Aw, thanks! :) That's the most comfortable tank top I own haha.
      It is a pretty fun place- they even had a "Carnaby street" on the London floor. Brought back a lot of memories ;)