When Awesome People Hang Out: Part 2

Hold on, let me just get my wine spritzer and join the party...*

Starting with a bang!
Martha Stewart and Snoop Doggie Dogg making (what appears to be) brownies. It would be the most sensible thing to bake with Snoop.
I've always said that if I could smoke up with anyone in the world, I would want to do so with Snoop. I've changed my mind. I'd want to do it with Snoop and Martha. (And Conan O'Brien, just for the extra kicks)

George Clooney and President Obama at the White House. 
When pictures speak louder than anything else.

Carl Sagan and Dalai Lama, most likely talking infinity, cosmos, mind and whatnot. Ya know, same old, same old...

 The My Valentine video is simple but incredibly sweet and touching- it's such a beautiful song.
But actually seeing Johnny Depp with Paul McCartney- be still, my heart!

Again. Why wasn't I invited to this party? It makes me sad to think that I missed all the fun...
Jeff Goldblum plays the piano?! Good lord, man! What can't you do?

The two most good looking Pauls together with matching shirts. It's times like these I'm sorry my parents didn't name me Paul...

J.K. Rowling and Stephen Fry, and of course extra points for the owl. 
(I really need to get the Harry Potter audiobooks and am really looking forward to Rowling's new book!)

I lied about this being my last post on cool people hanging out- I saved my favourite for tomorrow. *wink wink*

Here's Part 1 for those of you who missed it.

* 'Cause that's what cool people do when they hang out, right?

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  1. Ok, this was pretty awesome. I love the one with George Clooney xD Can't wait to see tomorrow's!

    In other news, I nominated you for a blog award!


    Let me know if you do it :)