Japan: Day 2 - More Tokyo

I realised I didn't write much from my trip in the previous post.

The first day ended up being a little hectic as we had very little cash and were having trouble with the ATMs. If you're ever in Japan with a foreign credit/debit card, you will only be able to withdraw from ATMs at the Post Office. Why? I don't know, but it's true.
What we didn't know was that we could still have gotten by paying with the card- but so many ATM rejections had us thinking said card was blocked. (Banks do that sometimes, for protection, if there's movement in an 'unusual' country).*

So, day 2 was a little more relaxed- financially speaking, because there was still so much time and so little to see.
Wait a minute, strike that, reverse it.
*wink, wink*

L: Instagram of Subway Ticket ; R: View from Subway

The weather that day was not favourable, especially as I had planned on more park excursions. The rain was a good excuse to buy a clear umbrella! Yep, I see the good side in everything.

Tokyo Station & The Magical Disappearing Umbrella
Walking from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace in the rain was unpleasant, I won't lie.
And even more unpleasant was trying to enjoy the Imperial Palace garden and trying to take pictures with an umbrella in hand. Still, we managed!

How small can I get?
It's amazing to see century old constructions in the middle of a business-driven part of town.
And that's my itty bitty mama
L: Umbrella holders with locks

I will be doing a specific post on all the flowers and leaves I came across in Japan- Oriental Painting makes so much sense now. The trees really blew me away; the variety of leaves, their trunk structure, their height, the different shades of greens...

The rain got the best of us and we refuged in a nearby Dean & Deluca, to dry off and warms ourselves up.

On with the show! Next stop was Akihabara Station- the 'tech' town.

I tried my luck at a claw game, with the most adorable cat plushies.
Alas, it was not meant to be (hence the dumbfounded expression).

We came across many manga/anime figures.

Hopped on the subway once again, this time to Ginza Station.
L: Mikimoto Building, R: Ginza Station JR Line
This is one of the best shopping areas in Japan. From name brands to locals, they have it.
I bought 9 pairs of socks in a shop close to the station. I wanted to buy them all!
My mom fulfilled her dream of buying some Mikimoto Pearls. I was a little jealous!

After a long day of walking and fighting the rain, the hotel was the best idea that night. 
Integrated Bidet Instructions
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Day 3 involved the Tokyo Tower and a ride on the Shinkansen (aka The Bullet Train).
Keep tuning in :)

*Also notable: Japanese people are kind. This young Japanese woman took us from 7-Eleven to a bank to the Post Office, helping us out. She freakin' took her time for all this- I mean, where I come from, this is unheard of. In fact, I think it's rare anywhere in the world.
To her, I am forever thankful and grateful. 
Plus, she has a wicked sense of style- haircut included.



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Also... I'm jealous of the Mikimoto pearls too!!!

    1. It was a lot of fun :)

  2. Sounds lovely! And I agree, they are so kind! I once asked a young mom if I could take a picture of her and her baby, not only did she say yes, she even gave me a little gift!

    Sorry to hear you didn't get one of those cats:(


  3. Ooh, I almost forgot to ask...! Did you manage to visit the Ghibli Museum after all? Hope so!

    Also, I love that you tap dance, I've always wanted to do that and I finally found a place I can hopefully start this year, fingers crossed;)

    1. I'm SO sad I didn't get to go to the Ghibli museum- but we were running around like crazy and you need advance tickets to go to the museum. But I'm making it a life ambition to go back and visit it one day :)
      I met someone who did go and the tickets themselves are so cute- they're little film strips with a couple of stills from a ghibli production (his was Ponyo). I wept a little inside...

      Yay for tap dancing! :)

  4. You're so lucky to have visited Japan! The photos look amazing. I always hate when rain messes up my plans, but it looks like you made the best of things! :)