Photobooth and Boredom: In 3 Panels

I don't believe in that "boring people get bored" quote. We all get bored at one point or other- it can't be helped. 

Well, actually it can, but it takes that much more energy than you're willing to give, most of the times. And who's to say a little down time from the comings & goings & conversations & thinkings isn't good? Maybe boring is when I let all those ideas settle and allow then to come to fruition.

Other days, there's just photobooth. 

You know what? I'm happy. 

I'm obsessed with this I Love Lucy .gif * and I've been trying to emulate her, to no avail nonetheless. (This isn't the hardest of the efforts, by the way)
Anyone else practise making faces in the mirror?

*Insert futuristic space sound effect*

Anecdote of the day: That bandaid you see is from my trip to the hospital today- for a vaccine! I hate needles**, so it was still unenjoyable. I had to go see a doctor beforehand to get "permission" for the vaccine, even though I had my vaccine card with all the information, etc, etc. 
Finally, the time came to get the damn shot. It hurt, a little. And when I was getting ready to leave the nurse asked to take a picture of me, from her phone.
Apparently the doctor asked her to and wanted a photo. 
Yeah. It was awkward.

It's been another "I can't be bothered to dress" day. 
I say you upload a photobooth picture too. You know you want to.

God, she was so good. Don't believe me? Click here. Or better yet, watch an episode of I Love Lucy. I dare ya. 
** How am I ever going to get that tattoo I want?!


  1. Re doctor: ...that's amazingly awkward. A little creepy, in fact.

    Re photos: haha, I love your hat xD And yes, I totally practice faces in the mirror!


    1. Definitely creepy :S

      Thanks- it's a warm and comfy hat!

  2. I always take gazillion photos of myself when i'm bored. haha

    1. Phew- I'm not alone! :)

  3. First of all OMG with the I Love Lucy .gif! You must try to do it!

    And I am the same as you when it comes to needles... eeeeeeek! But I suppose the current price you have to pay for your awesome travels ;)

    ps. he vendido algunos prints, pero no originales

    1. I will practise until I get it just right.
      Too true about the vaccines :)