Madeline Kahn: Comedienne Extraordinaire on Funny Friday

If you don't know who Madeline Kahn is, well, good thing you stopped on by.
Madeline Kahn was one talented and beautiful cookie- a trained opera singer, too.

But I'll let the videos speak for themselves.

From one of my favourite Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder films, Blazing Saddles
As the German songstress, Lily Von Schtupp.

Young Frankenstein is one my favourite films of all time. It never fails to make me laugh.
This is one of my favourite scenes in the film:

This movie always seems to air during the holiday seasons (rightfully so). It's actually pretty funny, IMO- and it's got a spectacular cast.

And an extra little gem.
Madeline doing Sondheim. YEEEES!

So, here's to a sing-a-long and funny Friday!

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