On the subject of Movies...

Seeing as I'm on a movie kick (then again, I'm always more than eager to talk about them), I figured I should write about a couple I, surprisingly, want to go see.
I actually don't like to miss trailers when I go to the movies. (You'll find I'm weird in many different ways...)

Sequels* are also something I generally dislike. Men in Black II, for instance, I didn't really like. And having been a huge fan of the first, it was more than disappointing. 

Having said this, I'm actually pretty excited for Men in Black 3 (again, don't think I'll be watching it in 3D either).
Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower might've had something to do with hooking me into the trailer, but you know what else? Will Smith. He's really funny, guys. He was my favourite 
ever in the first movie. I used to quote him non-stop (and the little dying alien**).  And Josh Brolin looks like the perfect young (or not so young, considering city mileage) agent K. 

I recently heard Barry Sonnenfeld on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcast talking about his cowboy obsession. I found it rather endearing and for some reason just made me appreciate him more. (Must I re-iterate how weird I am?)

Moving on.
The Dark Knight Rises trailer gave me goosebumps in the movie theatre.
 Now, to me, Bruce Wayne/Batman will for always and ever be Michael Keaton (don't argue with me- Burton's Batman films are still my favourite). My real problem with the 'new' Batman is Christian Bale's voice, it is really annoying. It sounds unnecessarily strained. 
I will sit through it, though, just to see the end of the saga. 
Oh, and most likely swoon over Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman...

And lastly, *groan*...
Snow White & the Huntsman
If only to get a glimpse of this beautiful and magical place.
This is really straight out of a fairy tale (and a little reminiscent of Harry Potter- does anyone else see it?). And I like fairy tales.
 While Mirror, Mirror was all around bad (see my Ish-Review here) this one not only proves to be entirely different, but it also seems to have a stronger storyline. Seems is a key word- won't be sure 'til I see it. 
I'm not a big fan of KStew (she is rather beautiful, though), I sort of fell for Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Charlize Theron is flawless (like always) so I guess the odds are in the favour of watching it.

Seems like we all can't get enough of superheroes, vampires, zombies and re-told fairy tales, eh?

What movies are you looking forward to?

We all know I'm going to shed tears of joy and nostalgia (for the good ol' LOTR days) when The Hobbit trailer starts screening in movie theaters. I CANNOT wait for that one.

* Or squeals, as my friend likes to call them. 
** I can't tell you how many times I would re-enact that, "Must... to find... The galaxy is on Orion's b-... b-..." to my brother. Bless him for putting up with me!

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