When Awesome People Hang Out: Part One

Bear with me while I photo spam you with pictures of cool people hanging out together.
Oh yeah, it's a thing(!) which happened to come across on Tumblr. If you have a couple of minutes hours, I think you should stop by and marvel at the photos/people.

I like to think that's what my friends and I look like when we're hanging out.*

The Million Dollar Quartet - so this may not be a rare encounter of "rockers" (using that term loosely) per se, but it's still awesome to remember this actually fuckin' happened. Thanks Broadway for reminding us

I'm not sure where they are- a football match? But Roger Taylor (my favourite Queen member) and Brian May are talking to David Bowie. Meanwhile, there's Lady Di, looking gorgeous as always, and Prince Charles. British Royalty indeed!

I once saw Bowie coming out of a Broadway theater and I was completely starstruck - his different coloured eyes might've had something to do with that. LE-GEND.
Seriously, who wasn't Elizabeth Taylor friends with? 

Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan. Awesome sauce.

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger. (And now I'm making wah-wah pedal noises...)

Bob Willoughby, 1958
I have a book on Bob Willoughby's years taking pictures of stars and I remember reading about this set of pictures. It was the first time Sophia Loren and Elvis Presley met each other, and she just so casually sat on his lap and started laughing. Talk about an ice breaker! 
On a rather random note: In some pictures, Sophia Loren reminds me a bit of Sofia Vergara.

It's not just Peter Lorre with Vincent Price. It's Peter Lorre and Vincent Price with cats!

I wish I'd been invited to this dinner party. Joanne Woodward cooking with Paul Newman and Anthony Perkins shuffling in the kitchen. Dinner with the Newmans sounds like a dream come true.

Can you imagine being part of the group in these photos?!
Yup. Next installment will focus on more recent years.

* "Like to think" are key words. While I've always considered my dear friends to be cool, I myself have never felt cool. (Except maybe when I'm wearing sunglasses...)

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  1. Ok, so I must admit I've never heard of several of these people (-ducks down in shame-) but they do look pretty cool!