This Is How I Roll

If I were to write an autobiography, I think that would be the title of it ('This is how I roll').
It seems to be my motto these days, my -er- 'excuse' to just being me. We've all been there, right?

And today I just mean that, were you to come visit me at home you'd find me in fachas* and you'd probably give me a disapproving look to which I'd just shrug my shoulders and say, "This is how I roll". Bazinga!

This day I just happened to be practising my painting, hence the apron. No, I wasn't trying to channel Dexter's mom (though I do get OCD in waves). I'm accident prone, so I wear that apron for protection. Chinese ink is serious stuff- it stays on your clothes FOREVER.

See the paintbrush? Proof I was hard at work! Oh, and that's the correct way to hold the brush: two fingers on the front, and two at the back.
The beanie, I normally wear throughout the day whenever I can to keep my hair from going loco. It happens more often than not.

A sample of the work.
 Practice makes perfect, right? I need a looooot of it. 
I've still been going to my Oriental Painting classes once a week and I am constantly being blown away by it. 

Just a little leaf here...

Don't get me wrong. I like to dress pretty, but I like the off days just as much!

* Appropriate term in spanish (Mexican slang) for, I guess you could translate it this way, not 'dressing up'. If I'm at home or have no place to go, chances are I won't care how I look. This e-card couldn't have said it any better:

Source: tumblr.com via Lindsey on Pinterest


  1. Oooh your paintings look nice! And that e-card is so funny :D That's what home is for, right?!

    1. Thanks :)
      Haha, exactly!

  2. LOL, completely agree with the e-card! & I'm loving the apron, they're wonderful.

    1. Some ecards always get a hearty chUckle from me :P
      Aprons are pretty comfy. Who'd have thought?