Whistling over the River Kwai

I totally whistled that* while on the bridge, but was more like a 'dink'.

Rather than pretend like I know so much about war history, I'll just guide you to Wikipedia (my personal fountain of knowledge) which is far more reliable & accurate than I could ever be. 

Unfortunately, we (my mother and I) were under 'limited-time' pressure and did not visit the cemetery or the Railway of Death. The weather got nasty (don't let the sunny skies fool you), which scared us away in good time as it did, eventually, start to rain.

But I'll go back. So much more to see in Kanchanaburi!
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Photos taken with Hipstamatic for iPod

And I couldn't leave this little fella out...

He saw me taking pictures of the cat (behind him) and didn't want to be left out!

* While we're on the subject of that (i.e. the film), can we just please stop and admire how powerful that scene is. No dialogue. Whistling. Close ups. Cinema at its finest.

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