Japan: Day 6 - Osaka

It makes me sad to announce that this is the last of the Japan posts. I've enjoyed re-living the sights and fun while sharing them with you all. I am also incredibly grateful for the opportunity of travelling to Japan and, as expected, falling profusely in love with it.
Let's begin!

Osaka was just as charming as Tokyo and Kyoto- and it treated us well with a delightfully warm and sunny day!

Getting out of the Tanimachi4-chome subway station was quite the sight! The Osaka History Museum and NHK building literally took my breath away and left me in awe.* 

Except this post to be a little image heavy!
On Osaka Castle Garden grounds. It was huge.

I ran into some kids practising Kendo - I think there was a tournament going on at the Martial Arts Training Hall.  
Some parents were congregated while others were supervising the practices.

Then, I ran into this and had to take a picture.
I know, I know...

I love street performers, so it was great running into this guy. Sure, it was all in Japanese, but he was so good I was laughing away with everyone else.
This little girl was totally into it. She would clap her hands in times on triumph and egg him on in times of defeat. 

The Castle is now a wonderful museum- with the top floor being an observation center too.

Back on lower ground, I got the munchies and nibbled on some nori (seaweed) and had a delicious matcha green tea with vanilla ice cream.

I could've spent the whole day there, to be honest, but I also wanted to go to the Osaka Aquarium and the Bay Area... So off to the subway we went!
And I saw the darndest shoes.

To my own amusement (and adding to my newly-found obsession with them) there was a ferris-wheel! 
These guys were one of my favourites. Zombie fish!

And the jellies, of course!
There were some really cool flourescent ones but I wasn't able to snap a decent picture of them.
Ocean creatures never cease to amaze me- they're so alien-like.

We grabbed a bite to eat, and since it was getting dark (and we were tired) we decided to make our way back to the hotel.

I thought this drain cover was cute.

I lied at the start of this post- tomorrow is my final Japan post. I can't bare to part with it just yet ;)
I also hope to make a small video with some highlights soon!

* Osaka is chock full of interesting buildings.



  1. Aww, that little girl was so cute! I love jellyfish- did you know they have no brains? Weird.
    Glad that there's still one more day :)

    1. I am mindblown by the jellyfish fact- I didn't know! (You learn something new everyday, right?) :)

  2. Those pictures of the aquarium are so cool! And that is indeed a cute drain cover! How awesome that you went to Japan!

  3. I really enjoyed all your pictures! Makes me feel like I was there too, so thanks:D