Of Dolls and Books

Hidden in the middle of the tiniest of narrow soi* sits the Bangkok Doll Museum & Factory.
Now, it's not a 'proper' museum as you and I know them. This museum is more a house showcasing a collection- but credit must be given where credit is due. The collection, not small at all, is phenomenal. From the first Bangkok Doll to "stuffed" creatures from around the world (you'll see what I mean past the cut).
It's interesting to see how dolls differ and are similar around the world and throughout the years!



Also worth noting: these dolls are hand made- there's a room where people are working on the dolls; assembling their bodies, sewing the clothing details, painting faces, etc. 
They're beautiful, right?

Afterwards, I was told about a library and of course, I just had to go visit. There's something so comforting about a library- about being in the company of so many books, books which have been borrowed and in turn had their adventure in someone else's hands, someone else's tears or guffaws.
I feel like every book tells a story-well, obviously, but I meant it in an... Oh forget it.
This is the Neilsen Hays Library. I know I'll be going back again :)



It brought back memories of my college Uni years and my trips to the Senate House Library.
I'd get excited and nervous about my visits. Nervous because it was so big I would get overwhelmed and a little lost looking for books.
Here's to librarians- for their kindness and their help!

I definitely recommend both for a visit whilst in Bangkok. There's a lovely little garden cafe perfect for lunch & a good book at the library. Dolls are on sale at the museum too- a great "souvenir" and very representative of Thailand.

What kind of museums do you like to visit?
Do you like to stop by libraries?

* A soi is a side-street, it normally comes off of a main road. In Bangkok sois are hold-your-breath-another-car-is-coming kind of narrow. I don't know how they do they drive in them!



  1. That's a really neat museum!
    And I completely forgot about the Senate House Library lol! I used to get so lost in there!

    1. They had dolls from the Czech Republic too- I thought to myself, "I wonder if Maria had any of these..." Haha. I couldn't get a decent photo of them because of the reflection.
      I know- big libraries scare me! But I still like them :)

  2. Did you go with your mom? Im sure she went crazy about the dolls haha =)

    1. No haha, 'cause she was in Mexico. But I said I'd take her there :P