Music Obsessions Of Late

We've all seen Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby trailer, right?
And was anyone else truly taken by the second song in it, because it's all I've been listening to recently.

The other two songs I seem to overplay at the gym are Gaga's Americano (watching Puss in Boots on the plane might've had something to do with this...) and Muse's Neutron Star Collision.

Anything by Muse really pumps me up- or drives me to tears. I love them.

Oh. And yes. I've been singing along to that one song that has most likely caused you to roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders and dance along.

So, here's my number.
Call me. Maybe?
*wink wink*


  1. oh i love all these songs! i think the jack white one really fits with the trailer - can't wait to see the music in the whole movie :D

    1. I know- it gave me goosebumps (the music in the trailer). I can't wait for it to hit theaters :)

  2. call me maybe... the song you love to hate, or hate to love xD i must admit though, there is no lady gaga song i have ever liked, sorry... but the great gatsby one is wonderful!