Doing It Right (Funny Friday)

Impersonations are only funny when a) they're uncanny and b) nothing* like the original.

Mr. Spacey is known for his dramatic roles but he's actually really funny and one hell of an impersonator.
Why don't you be the judge?

My favourite is Pacino. All it took was that one word!

My impersonator party tricks are:
- Louis (of Family Guy): limited to only saying, "Oh, Peeeteeer!"
- Koothrappali (of Big Bang Theory): again, limited to "Dude, that was totally not cool."**

Do you or do you know anyone who does a decent impersonation of someone?

* Not true- there has to be SOME sort of similarity, a small gesture can make all the difference, and that's it. And that's not necessarily an impersonation as it is a parody.
** I'm Mexican and I master the indian accent better than I can a latino one. I don't get it.


  1. Oh my gosh, Kevin Spacey's impersonations are my faaavorite! He's so funny. Another really fab impersonator was Bobby Darin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4ryqrbvTvA). I didn't know until more recently that he even did impersonations, and they're almost eerily spot-on.

    And yeah, I don't do decent impersonations of anyone. I'm so boring. :P

    1. Haha, Bobby Darin is fantastic! His physicality of all of them are great too. ROBERT MITCHUM= Uncanny.
      Thanks so much for sharing that link :)
      It's funny because Kevin Spacey also played Bobby Darin in that one movie he also directed.