Of Magic Mirrors, Poisoned Apples and Swords

Yesterday I made my way to the movie theater to see what was playing- lo & behold: Snow White & the Huntsman was about to begin.

Summer blockbusters aren't really my thing, but that never stops me from watching them. [I have yet to watch MIB 3]
I also wanted to draw a comparison with Tarsem's Mirror, Mirror (which I reviewed here) and just let the movie do its job and transport me to faraway lands for a couple of hours.

Oh, it did its job.
Snow White & the Hunstman was everything I didn't expect it to be: it was actually really good. Performances were solid, the story moved along cohesively, and the special effects and locations* were beautiful (even in the darkest of times). 

Charlize Theron was exquisite and flawless as the Evil Queen, Ravenna. 
Look at this face! Source
Theron embodied her with elegance, the right amount of humanity and evil that I couldn't help but feel bad for her at the end.
Kirsten Stewart's Snow White was a balanced character of frailty and a quiet bravura/bravery whithin. She looked small and tiny next to the Huntsman and even the Queen, but never weak. 
Katniss is still the coolest 'warrior' in my books and this year's heroine.

I have nothing against Kirsten Stewart, but let's be honest.  Charlize Theron is the fairest in the land.
But hey guys, what does this teach us? Beauty is also on the inside, and that's what counts. *nods head*

My main problem with Mirror, Mirror was that everything felt so cheesy and made me cringe- SW&tH had its touching and magical moments but they never felt out of place, they were at the right time with the right intensity. 
I felt this was plot-driven (especially as its a well known story) but enough was known about the characters that their interactions are what incited to move the action/story along.
Random Note: Bob Hoskins as the Tiresias-of-the-Dwarves was one of my favourites!

Aesthetically, it also did not fall short to Tarsem's exquisite vision.
Lavish costume designs (by the great Colleen Atwood) for Queen Ravenna and stunning sets were pleasing to the eye.

In the end, the good surpassed the evil and no wedding was involved (to my surprise and immediate liking). Here is a Snow White who took the crown on her own and stood strong without a man by her side.**

Snow White & the Huntsman was a real fairy tale treat- gritty and magical. 

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?

I'm kind of excited to see Kirsten Stewart in On the Road, where she can break away from her Bella Swan character (good riddance, right?).

* At one point I couldn't help but think of Hobbits, Elves and Orcs... 'They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
** Though did help along the way...

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  1. I might go watch it now that I read your review. But maybe i'll wait to rent it... hope you are having fun =)