Japan: Day 5- Kyoto Morning Tour & Arrival at Osaka

Of course, the day we're taking a somewhat-intense tour, the day is overcast.
I'll let you in on a spoiler slash downer- it was raining. All freakin' day.

But you must always press on.
Which is what we did. Kinkaku-ji was definitely not something to be missed, seeing as this was our last not-full day in Kyoto.

At a Hotel Lobby
I will also apologise for lack of photos of these beautiful places- it really sucks trying to take pictures (focus, zoom, alter settings, etc) in the rain while holding an umbrella. I guess it makes up for yesterday's photospam, right?

Nijo Castle was lovely, but we couldn't take pictures indoors. It was the living quarters of Shogun while in Kyoto- he was prepared for ninjas! The floor squeaks on purpose, not a lot of trees in the garden (to avoid sneaky hiding ninjas) and he would always sit on a thick elevated 'pillow' on the floor to avoid attacks from the floor.
Guys, ninjas were real!*

Crouching children, hidden temple
School kids waiting for their bus.
To be fair (about my pretty bad joke), the temple is rather hidden. I was beginning to doubt its existence. Yet, out of the trees, the glimmering gold (even in rain) was opulent.

Nope, you can't go in it
Gardeners were weeding out the orchids and plants in the water. Talk about dedication. And in the rain!

Walking into the Imperial Palace
With our tour group

So much green made me happy- and the trees! I can't get over their different shapes.

The tour ended here for us, so we grabbed our bags and headed to the station.
We had to grab a bite to eat at the station- udon noodles for me! I like to think I got the slurping right ;)
A mere 15 minute ride on the Shinkansen got us from Kyoto to Osaka.

Shame on us, but once we checked in at the hotel we took a (much needed) nap.
Still, not wanting to miss out on anything, I asked the ladies at the reception where they would recommend to go at night.
It was so much fun!
At Umeda Station- underground shops et al.

Under or above ground, we really had no idea where we were going.
In times of doubt, follow the Ferris Wheel!
Which was exactly what we did!

It lead us to this mall (surprise, surprise) called HEP 5: Hankyu Entertainment Park.
L: Whale replicas of work by Tatsuya Ishii, R: HEP 5 Ferris Wheel
This place was crazy- in a good way.
This ferris wheel was located on the 7th floor- and the 9th + floors were arcade games.

Personally, my favourite part of the night was the photobooth.

They take that shit seriously. It was like walking into a freakin' studio session. Green screen and all.
I struggled a little getting by the menu in Japanese but somehow managed to pick out the options I wanted- anime eyes was one of them!

The fun doesn't stop after the picture taking though, like we thought.
My mom and I were waiting a of couple minutes (too long) for our pictures to come out. They never did- I conveyed this in signs to someone who worked there.
Ha. I was supposed to go into this other booth (attached to the where the photographing took place) to "edit" the photos.
Bunny ears, cat noses with whiskers, fruit stamps, letters, tiger feet-- incredible options to spruce up your pictures!

When I'm really rich, I'm buying one of them contraptions to keep at home.
Think about it, it'd be a great party/reunion "game". You know you'd want to come and use it...

Friends, and that concludes day 5.
Day 6 is pretty much all that's left, as Day 7 was the fly date.
I still don't want this to end, in retrospect.

Japan's so wonderful, I think we're all meant to go visit.
So, don't lose hope ;)

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* I've obviously known this to be true, but didn't really assimilate it (thanks, pop culture).

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  1. OMG I want to go to that photobooth! I've never been to one, and that looks like the best one everrr :3
    The temple is so beautiful and golden...
    Do you speak Japanese at all?

    1. I didn't want to leave the photobooth! Haha
      And I don't speak one word of Japanese- they're so kind and will try very hard to understand you (when they don't speak any English).
      I want to learn Japanese now, though :)

  2. That udon looks so so good! And hey, you played pachinko! Awesome, I have yet to do that some day;)

  3. they take their photos, karaoke, anime stuff very seriously! looks like fun!