Japan: Day 4- Kyoto

Day 4 began by walking over to another (nearby) hotel in the hopes of tagging along with a tour. Turns out they were full that day, but we reserved seats for the following Morning Tour- as we had to get to Osaka!

We took the day in at our own pace- stopping by the post office* first and making our way to the bus stop.

Kyoto Station

I managed to find the right bus to get on and once we got off at the Kiyomizu-michi stop, we walked up the cutest little street adorned by modern Japanese homes.
Little shops and restaurants begin to bloom out of nowhere as you get closer to the temple.
And just like that, the temple also seems to appear out of nowhere!

I took it so seriously, I actually ripped my paper in two while trying to tie it... I worked my way around it, though. See?
All temples have little water fountain where it is customary to wash your hands (and even drink the water) before going into the temple. This man is teaching the young kids how to do it properly.

Kiyomizudera is really the perfect place to take your time and breathe everything in. 

L: Shrine for Lost Children, R: Fountain of Miracles
I made a friend while on the lookout for food.
And I got yelled at by the old lady store-owner for taking a picture of the cucumbers/pickles on the sticks. But these lovely ladies were happy with all my mom's purchases- she likes to get everyone a souvenir.
Lunch consisted of Tofu Salad, Curry with Rice & Veggies; Dessert: Home made mini-cakes and Green Tea Soy Milk
Over at the bathroom, I came across my first "squat hole".
No, I didn't use it... And since we had to take our shoes off at the place, they 'give' you something to put on in the bathroom.

 Afterwards, you wouldn't believe who I ran into.
My friend, Totoro!

In Gion, we were lucky to see two Geishas (or Geikos, as they prefer to be called).
From Gion Corner, Head Pieces
Unfortunately, both my cameras ran out of battery once it got dark. Gion was such a lovely place, too!

I apologise, too, if I'm overdoing it with so many photos in one post! I am trying to be picky with the photos, but I took so many that it's hard to choose...

Having said that, if you're still up for some more photo viewing, you know the drill.

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Happy First Day of June!

* The only ATMs that accept foreign cards are ones in the Post Office. I didn't mind- I love looking at stamps and postcards :)



  1. I love all your posts about Japan! And love all the pictures, those mini cakes are so cute!

    1. I'll be sad when I have to stop- and then I won't have anything very interesting to post lol.
      Thanks for following hehe.

  2. Amazing pictures honey,wow!Have a great time!:)

  3. Cutest mail box, hands down! And those Totoros are wonderful! I wouldn't mind having one of those in my room:)