Monday: The Start of the Week

I had an interesting and fun weekend. 
I travelled up to the North of Thailand to Chiang Mai. It was beautiful, serene and full of wonderful moments where I felt incredibly peaceful.
Full + proper post will definitely be coming this week.

Here's a sneak peak...

Today's Monday consisted of...

A Movie

Something Borrowed

Source: imdb.com via Alison on Pinterest

Lesson: If you're going to watch a movie with/about brides, then this should be the one. (Seriously, someone get it for me on DVD)
I'm a sucker for those I've-always-loved-you-I-should've-let-you-know type of movies.
Overall,  Something Borrowed was cute but it felt like Bride Wars all over again with Kate Hudson playing the same role... (doesn't she always?*). John Krasinski's character especially, made me laugh out loud on various occasions and there was a choreographed dance scene. *Shrugs shoulders* I'd watch it again.
The last 15-20 mins did feel rushed and inconclusive (side-plot wise) - I wonder if the book was any different?
A chick flick rom-com every now and then is necessary, methinks.**

A Book
Ever since I picked up Death on the Nile at the beginning of this year, I've wanted to read another Christie book. You can tell this is one of her later books, as I feel the general pace and story-telling differs from DotN- however, this has not stopped be from being sucked into it.

Do you read mystery/crime novels? Agatha Christie?
If so, what do you recommend?

* Don't get me wrong, I do have a liking for Kate Hudson. She radiates so much energy! And she had M. Bellamy's (of Muse) baby. Cool in my books.
** Did I mention I teared up a couple of times? Yeah. I'm that sap.


  1. I just watched bridesmaids again this weekend! Love that movie<3 This time I even got to see the extras as I now own the dvd.

    Sorry, I haven't read any Agatha Christies yet. It's on my bucket list though!


    1. The extras are also a reason I want the DVD- they must be fun/funny!
      I want to read more of Agatha Christie, they are really good!

  2. AGATHA CHRISTIE <3 the only mystery writer i actually like, in fact!
    can't wait to read more about Thailand- it looks positilutely gorgeous.

    1. I've only finished reading one of her books, and I did enjoy it ever much. I know I will be reading more of her :)