"Take This Waltz"

Why I am looking forward to this movie:

1. Michelle William's Hair- I think it's safe to say she can pull off any (if not, most) hairstyle(s). She was a main inspiration for my short hair cut, and this a-little-longer-'do is cute. That, and her clothes... Oh! And her performance, of course.
2. The Two Male Leads- Is it just me, or does Seth Rogen just seem like the most huggable person? [You don't have to answer that...] I don't know, there's something appealing about him playing the husband 'role'. And Luke Kirby! He was in the 1st season of Slings & Arrows, one of my favourite TV shows ever. * Right, and he's prettyyyyy good looking too, which doesn't hurt.
3. Yay, a Female Director! And it's none other than Sarah Polley! Over us of exclamation marks- yes, I'm excited! Also a Canadian import and Slings & Arrows alumn. There's nothing this woman can't do.
Sarah Polley (Source)
4. Who can ever get enough of relationship films?**
From Wikipedia
And while we're on the subject of upcoming films- ted (from Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane) also got a few chuckles from me. I think the premise of the film is genius and original. 

Are there any films you are looking forward to?

* Forget Smash. You want a good TV show on theater? Then this is the one. If I could, I'd lend you my DVDs.
**Actually, I totally can. But there are always a couple of exceptions...

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