Day Trip to Nong Nooch Garden

I'm trying to catch up with day-trips. 
Well, let me correct that: I'm trying to catch up with ONE day trip so I can move on to this week's day trip (in keeping things chronologically on the blog). It's also just a lot of fun to share pictures!

Nong Nooch Garden was a lot of fun (in the sun) up until I got all Debbie Downer on myself.
The gardens are huge and full of beautiful flowers and all sorts of trees. And there are also animals.
Elephants, tigers and birds- oh my!
My excitement came from my proximity to these animals- never had I ever touched an elephant and let it smell me back. And much less had I ever pet a tiger! Being so close to a tiger was like being the ultimate cat lady.

Having said that (and experienced it), I felt extremely bittersweet about it all afterwards. These are wild animals. They deserve are meant to be wild.
When I knelt down next to a tiger for a picture (ugh- don't make me feel worse about it all....) I felt an internal growl as I placed my hand by its neck. I thought, "It can still very well attack me. And it has every right to do so." We can't control them- we like to believe we do, but it's not true. Instincts are their nature, survival. It doesn't matter if they treat them well (okay, it is very important!), but what matters is that they are bounded by cages, bars, and human beings. 

So, that's my mini-rant about my experience. I feel like a hypocrite, but hey. I know better now!

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Left: Gold pheasant. I thought it looked nifty blurred.


Cultural Show


Afterwards, we had lunch by the beach.



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