Manila: Part 1

"Hello, Manila!" is how I greeted this new-to-me city last week. I did not know what to expect and therefore didn't know how reminiscent of my own home country (Mexico) it would be. 
I had to leave Thailand to sort out some Visa 'issues' and decided to do some sight-seeing as well.

There's a reason I'm not a travel agent (other than never actually wanting to be one, that is)- I am crap at planning trips to places I've never been. If I've lived in a place or have been there before, piece of cake, I'm the one you want to call. If not, oy...
That being said, I fear I did not get to fully immerse myself in the Filippino landscapes and city. Maybe next time.
Have you been? What places do you recommend? Or what's a must-do?
I found this sign rather amusing- it was next to an elevator at this HUGE mall. More places should post up signs like this one.

I over indulged myself on my trip. From morning (Breakfast Buffet was like heaven) to night, snacks and desserts were difficult to say no to. Such as this one: Taho. Silken tofu with amilba with tapioca-like pearls. Deeeelicious!

The following day I was greeted by a big orange ball across the mountains.
Ignore the crappy quality of the picture. iPod + dirty window = not a good match

Inside the oldest church in Manila, San Agustin. Dates back to 1607!


Last but not least (for the day), Intramuros Cathedral. 
As luck would have it, it was under renovation and not open to the public...

Tune in for Part II!



  1. The architecture of the church reminds me quite a bit of my trip to Spain- interesting, I wouldn't have imagined them similar.
    & that sign also reminded me of Spain, where we saw a handicapped access sign at the top of a LONGGG set of stairs xD


    1. The Philippines was under Spanish Rule, way back in the day... There are a lot of things in the city reminiscent of Spain (including some of their traditional wear- it was beautiful) :)

  2. such beautiful pictures, its all so breath taking!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it was a lovely place :)

  3. I have also heard how similar it is to latin american countries (Mexico lindo y querido!). As of recommendations I really don't know, but I trust that you will have a great time and post loads of pics!xx