A Personal Anthem

Many-a-moons ago (well, maybe not that many, I'm not that old...yet...) I was mildly depressed unhappy. 
Circa 2002, something was bothering me- I don't remember what exactly and I don't recall ever being fully aware of it, but my friends noticed. I can't help but think my approach changed- I became a little more hostile, even to those I was comfortable around.

The morning after a slumber party at my place, while waving off one of the last to be picked up, I walked back to my room and startled my (best) friend. Was she just going through my backpack? Normally I wouldn't have minded, except her "Oh-shit-I've-been-caught" expression made me a little suspicious (and you must remember, I was a hostile hormonal and puberty ridden bitch at this time). Evil eye aside, I shrugged it off and spent the rest of the day hanging out with her* and never brought up the bag 'incident'.

The back pack. Yes, I still own it... It has come in handy on many occasions.
Now, what does this have to do with "A Personal Anthem"?
Well, a while after my friend had gone home, my suspicious mind got the best of me and I decided to check my backpack. Looking back, I have to laugh at myself- did I really think she'd steal something from me? (Not like school books or notes are much of a loot).
Hidden, underneath textbooks and binders, was a burnt CD. I teared up, for many reasons, but mainly because I felt so lucky and incredibly blessed with this great group of people in my life.
They all signed the back of the case with doodles and mini words of encouragement.

One track on the CD, and quite honestly, that was more than enough.

To this day, this is my go-to song whenever I need a pick me up. Or just an "energy booster".

What's your favourite song/artist to listen to when you want to go to that happy place?
And what's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

* She still so happens to be one of my closest friends.
**They're still pretty unknown to me as I've only ever heard Lucky Denver Mint and Bleed American too.


  1. You brought back so many memories with this song (and even the story!) to those weird teenage years haha. It is quite incredible to look back isn't it?!

    1. It is! Weird is a good word to use haha.