When Screwing Up is Funny (On Funny Friday)

What's funnier than a funny movie, you ask? Why, the bloopers of course!

I was really excited to watch Bridesmaids when it came out in cinemas for various reasons. Number one being it included SNL alumni (Maya Rudolph was one of my favourites- and Kristen Wiig, well. She's Kristen Wiig). * Numero two was a little more personal as my friend was getting married around the same time it came out- and I was bridesmaid! (Woot, woot!). Number three, well, I'm always up for a comedy- and this one looked darn funny.

And so it was!

It is amazing to me how John Hamm can pull off the "dumb face" so well- goodness, he's so funny and so goodlooking, dammit.
Someone needs to get it for me on DVD so I can rewatch it. 

Hey guys, it's Friday!

* Speaking of SNL and screwing up, part of Jimmy Fallon's charm on SNL was that he screwed cracked up more often than not.  Is so famous for suddenly breaking character that breaking character is sometimes called "Jimmy Falloning" -- IMDb 

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