Funny Friday

Let me begin by saying that I don't actually follow TV shows anymore.
In fact, the last one I recall following "religiously"* was Lost. And I still haven't seen the last season. I know, I know. Cut me some slack, college got in the way!
So, when my sister suggested I watch The Big Bang Theory I wasn't very keen on it. 
To my surprise, I really really liked it!

Even though the show (and characters) gets a little repetitive, I still find myself laughing out loud. I want to say Sheldon and Penny are my favourites, but it's so hard to pick!

This scene is typical Sheldon. (Then again, when is he not?)

To view the full scene, click here!
And the blooper's worth a watch too, actually.

I have a pretty kind of embarassing (and sad) anecdote that involved The Big Bang Theory, but I'll save that for later. *wink, wink*

Have an interesting and fun Friday!

*Well, religiously is correct as I don't even follow my own religion as I should... (For shame!)

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