Manila Part 2

You know what I noticed about the Filipinos? They all have amazing voices. And they like to sing.
Throughout the trip I came across people -in a shop, in the bathroom, on the street, etc- singing to themselves. But full on singing, without holding back. I thought it was beautiful.
And like I said, it didn't hurt that they all did it on perfect pitch!

Alright, moving on to part deux of the photo spamming.*
This particular day took on more of a scenic route (ha!), which I was totally up for.

See the one with the crater? That's a volcano. Taal volcano. 

I had time to get my niece a personalised bracelet.

This was on higher ground, on yet another mountain.
Views still as gorgeous.

You can learn magic at the strangest of places.

Not that I've ever been to Greece, but this is how I imagine some "old-school theaters" to have been like. After all, it was all about being closer to the Gods, right?

And speaking of Gods... *insert chorus*

And so we finish by the sea. (By the sea, by the sea. By the beautiful sea)

I could not resist trying out more of their complex desserts. Friends, my palate was not disappointed.
I introduce you to, Halo-Halo.
I had this more than once...

But I also had room to try:
Buko Pandan
And out of a whim and craving (I love me some sweet corn...) : KFC Krushers- Mais con Hielo!
If you were to ask me what typical Philippine dish was my favourite or the tastiest, I would hang my head in shame and say (in a barely audible tone), "Umm. I didn't try any...".
Can you blame me, though? I was too busy salivating over the sweet stuff.

Have you ever gone food/dessert crazy on a trip? 

* Now can you tell how much Picnik will be missed by me? No, I don't own Photoshop. Used to, but now I probably wouldn't know how to handle it anyway. #granny



  1. Singing everywhere? I need to go there, now! (Plus, dessert? OMG yes. Halo-halo looks delicious.) You're right, the ampitheatre looks exactly like ones in Greece.

    Also, have you ever tried Picmonkey? I LOVE it, it's almost exactly like Picnic.


  2. I know- people everywhere need to sing more often!
    I haven't tried it yet, but have heard of it! Now I'll have to really check it out! :) Thanks!