The Final Countdown (Or A Brief Her-story of Cats)

Not to the end of the world. We all know that's not happening. Trust me, there's Mayan blood in me.


If you really want an unflattering picture of yourself, X-ray effect is the way to go. Go on, smile on camera and you'll know what I'm talking about. Water, on the other hand, looks really nifty.

When I'm not distracted by Photobooth and my uncanny resemblence to an X-men, I'm counting down the days for when I'll be re-united with my love, my precious, my Butters.
Oh, long hair...
Even though she's cat and I'm human, we're like two peas in a pod.*

In exactly one month I'll be flying back home to my Mexico Lindo y Querido and hold my cat in my arms once again.
Thanks to technology (and doting family members), distance hasn't been a huge issue.
We've managed to schedule Facetime chats into our busy schedules.
I look great in Facetime snaps. Ha.
It came as no surprise that she wasn't very keen on talking, but rather rubbing against whoever was holding the iPod and meow-ing for tap water. 

Now children, gather round to hear the story of a cats who won the heart of a Cat Lady...
Counting Buttercup, in my lifetime I've only ever had 3 (and a quarter) cats.

1. Fievel
A cat I rescued when I was 10 and was living in Brazil. After Sunday Mass one morning, my friends and I headed to the playground and were surprised to find a dead cat surrounded by kittens. We immediately called on an adult who helped find homes for them- I convinced my mom to take one home. My best friend took his sister, a black cat, and named her Pocahontas. I named mine after a mouse.
He proved to be a sweet cat and adventurous- we had a huge garden and he loved being outside. Curiosity got the best of him; one summer we came back to sad news after our yearly visit to Mexico. Apparently he ventured too far out into the neighbour's yard and the dobermans got to him.
I cried so much and was inconsolable for days.

2. Figaro
I was a big Powerpuff Girls fan back in the day...
Pocahontas had a litter of kittens and my friend was looking to give some away- I convinced my parents in getting a new kitten, who just so happened to look like Fievel!**
Because of the past cat tragedy, I so quickly was enamoured by Figaro and quick to be overprotective. This cat, however, had bouts of rage and scratching/biting fits. It never stopped me from pampering him, but sometimes I had to lock myself in my bathroom to get away from him.
He travelled with us from Brazil to Mexico and lived a pretty good life, up until his last 2 years while I was away in college.
Sadly, he grew a tumour on one of his hind legs which eventually grew to a form of cancer. He went through a couple of operations in hopes that he could get better, but it only extended his life a couple of years. I was off in college when my parents decided to put him to sleep- he had a nasty open wound on his leg that impeded him from walking and he smelled bad. He was in a lot of pain and there was nothing else the vet could do. They didn't tell me about it until I flew back home...
He was a beautiful cat (and the star of my first film***).
I still talk about him from time to time...

1/4. Nala
While Figi (aka Figaro) was still around, my brother and his then-girlfriend/now-wife came home with a box as a gift for me. To my delightful surprise, the cutest and dirtiest kitten was inside, meowing to get out! They found her abandoned by the street and knew who to take her to.
She was such a lovely and caring kitten! After I washed her and fed her, she followed me around everywhere. If I'd sit down, she'd made sure to jump onto my lap and cuddle.
I don't think I have to tell you how heartbroken I was when my dad made me give her away.
I cried for days (and hoped Figaro wasn't jealous...).
I could only cheer myself up by telling myself that the new home she was going to was going to treat her well- they were real animal lovers.

3. Buttercup
Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't love at first sight. In fact, when I stepped into the cat room and was introduced to her- hiding in a little cubicle, not budging- I thought, "What a lame cat".
The Anjellicle Cats director read me well though, because when I did decide to bring her back home with me, we hit it off right away.
Originally I'd brought her home as a foster cat- my roommate and her cat were out of town for a month and I got lonely. I did what any sensible cat lady would do and got me a friend.
Weeks turned into months, months became a year, and after the first-and only- attempt at trying to find her home, I realised I couldn't bear to give her up.
The time came when I had to pack up my things and go back home to Mexico (I was in NY for 2 years). I didn't have to think twice about it- she was coming with me.
Thankfully, Anjellicle Cats covered all the vaccinations and health certificates I needed for the plane ride. I decided not to bring her with me to Thailand because a) the airplane ride is too long and stressful and b) they're so strict with animals and quarantine, I didn't want to risk having her in a group of caged animals for 40+ days.
She's been looked after while I've been away, but I miss that little ball of fluff as my cuddly companion.

One of the first photos I ever took of her in my, then, bedroom.
Isn't she purrty?

I'm sorry, I just seem to have rambled on...
Do you like cats? Have you ever had one?
Or are you more of a dog person?

Source: imgfave.com via Mariana on Pinterest

* There's a more flattering picture of her, IMO, in my About Page- yes, I have one.
** Fievel had blue eyes though.
*** Piccolo, the white french poodle, is the only dog that's still alive from that video. Our cocker spaniel, Sam, lived up to his 18th year and our schnauzer, Nikko, up to 15.

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