A Brief M.I.A: In Retrospect

Not the Paper Planes MIA, but the 'missing in action' kind.
If you've thought, "How rude! She hasn't published or responded to my comment..."- I've an excuse.

I headed to the beach* for a couple of days with some family friends to escape the city and avoid being completely alone all week. And well...
I had a pretty awesome time (and avoided being on the internet).

Monday I was graced with a typical Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstration/class by a beautiful Japanese woman. 



I think it's been one of the most, for lack of a better word and with the fear of overusing it, beautiful things I have ever participated in.
Actually doing it, performing the movements, was a uniquely gratifying experience. So much grace, fluidity, precision and dedication is put into it- every movement has a purpose.

And let's not forget the delicious sweets...

Tuesday I had to study a bit for an upcoming Thai test...

Which also meant it was fiddlin'-time with the camera.

I got those earrings in Chiang Mai- they're owls :)

I ate falafel, I ate by the sea, I drank proper Japanese green tea, I finished the Agatha Christie book, and I just felt so happy every single day.

Life's good, eh?

* I asterisk 'beach' because I did go to the beach area, without actually setting foot in the ocean... I did swim in a pool! [see picture above]

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