And I Was Like Baby, Baby...

While it's been great having my sister and nephew around, it's also been a little overwhelming at times solely because 1 year olds have so much energy it's hard to run around after them all day. And I'm not used to a lot of noise.
Guys, having a kid is hard work, I tell ya.
I get put off by that for a while, until that little toothy rascal runs up to me and hugs me. Or when he plays peek-a-boo and is equally amused every single time.
It is special.

I don't want to bore you with emotional Aunt Mariana talk, so I'll get down to what I wanted to get down to (oh boy, bear with me...). We've been trying to get a lot of stuff done sight-seeing-wise, and so far it has been pretty successful, methinks.
Thailand is incredibly rich in culture** and history- the country is diverse, from beaches to mountains to cities***- so there is a lot to take in and see. From a westerner's point of view: just being here is an experience on its own!
While they're off in the North of Thailand (been there, done that), I thought I could update on what we have been up to.

The day after our "Safari" excursion, we decided to take it easy and hop on over to Terminal 21.
I've written about it before and have been there a couple times since and it still never gets boring; I still think the concept of the mall is pretty rad.


I indulged in a Dr.Pepper float- hadn't had one in a loooong time.


And of course took a couple of pictures...


I don't know why my sister looks like she's in pain here...

On the way to the bathroom, neon lights the way.


The theme of the bathroom on that floor was a bakery.



Good times, good times.
The following day we took a day-trip to Ayutthaya- pictures up tomorrow!

Do you know of any "fun" malls?

* Or don't wake me up so early in the morning.
** And I include pop-culture here. Need I remind you of the opulence of malls here?
*** Sometimes (all the time) Thailand reminds me of Mexico :)


  1. Wow, that's a mall? I like the huge "statues" like the kitty one since it makes me feel quite playful for a mall! We don't have fun malls here but we have an electronics store that looks like Alice and Wonderland that's pretty cool. Look forward to seeing more of your Thailand photos x

    1. There's always so much fun to have with statues :) What I like about this mall is that it's full of little shops not "big name" ones.
      That electronics store sounds cool!