Hey Sister, Sister!

Never knew how much I missed ya.

Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't about the Tia and Tamera Nickelodeon show.
No. I'm talking about my own sister: She's in town!
With none other than my adorable nephew (I'm not biased- just take a look at him yourself...). 

While it's been a little difficult getting over the jetlag (we're 12 hours ahead from Mexico), we've still been taking it easy. Parks, nearby restaurants and a "Safari" have been the sight-seeings of choice.
Looks like the days are clearing out too, which means it'll be great weather for Temple & Palace visits!

Last time I saw him he still couldn't walk and his first tooth was coming out. Now, he's running around like a little monkey and chomping away with his 6 little teeth. 


Don't tell my sister this picture of her is circulating around the internet. I couldn't help it- they're Facetime-ing with my Brother-in-law. *

The "Safari" was a little depressing for me, but I didn't want to be a party pooper and stay at home alone. I honestly hate seeing all the animals being used in a show and circling their cages... 


The King


This was the crowd while we were waiting for the Dolphin Show to start. It was amazing- I pretty much choked up from how "emotional" it was (at least for me, in a way). There were a lot of Indian tourists and so they blasted, what I gather, a popular song of theirs on the speakers- they all got up and started dancing and singing along. It's hard to say why I felt the way I did, but they were full of such joy and unity that it was just so beautiful. 


I love him.

Nothing can stop me from some GPOY fun with statues though.


Tomorrow I'll be posting about the awesome skies of late. Seriously.
Did anyone else catch the solar flare?

* Ah, technology. Keeping families together since ... I can remember. (The 2000's right? That was the big Apple/ big Mac boom?)


  1. hahaha, i love your statue pics! we went to a dinosaur statue park once (weird, i know) and i had so much fun doing that :)
    & yes, your nephew is adorable!

    1. Dinosaur Statue Park? That actually sounds amazing!
      Thanks! He's a hoot :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I must be out of the loop because I'm not even sure where you are? Either way it looks awesome and interestingly exotic. Gosh, jetlag is a nightmare but hopefully you'll get over that soon. It must be fun to reunite with family too ! :)

    1. It's so much fun re-uniting with the family :)
      We're in Thailand; I came here with my parents since Feb (but I leave end of August) and my sister's here for a month visiting. It's been a blast but I'm also looking forward to going back home.