And Now, Summertime Anti-Sadness

Moving away from the mellow-ness of the last music post...

You guys remember when we were young and hip and music that would (now) be considered shameful was actually rad?
The 90's (and an early 2000) were all about catchy tunes.
If you ask me what any of these songs are about, I wouldn't know what to answer.

Did anyone really pay attention to lyrics back then?*

Uh, I actually still consider this song a favourite. I remember listening to it incessantly on a cassette- I taped it off the radio. I used to do that a lot...

Now here is a song with a positive message.

It took a whisky drink. It took a vodka drink. Then I just slur all the other lyrics -sans alcohol- until the chorus. You know everyone joins in at the top of their lungs: I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN.
Before the Jonas Bros. there was Hanson.

It's a secret no one knows.
And I never did find out!

And for some female representation: Vanessa Carlton.

Good stuff. Yay or nay?

* Or was I the only ignorant 10 year old around?


  1. Oh my goshh these are perfect summer songs! I've been listening to Steal my Sunshine a lot recently, memmooriess! Love tubthumping too, haha :D

    1. I never get sick of Steal my Sunshine :)
      Glad you liked them!