Granny at Heart (Or Stooge Forever?)

Ever since high school, I've been labelled a granny by my friends. I've never had a problem with that- I take full responsibility for my intermittent 'senility' and overall granny-ness.
Now, I don't knit*, I don't use dentures, my limbs are still in perfect shape (knock on wood) and I don't use a hearing aid.
I nap**, I mumble angrily (and occasionally raise my fist to the heavens), I tend to get along easily with the elders,  I have an affinity to rocking chairs and I like sleeping early.

In college I created an imaginary old man friend, who lived in the closet (literally, not metophorically- don't ask, I used to create many characters...) and I would often answer my phone with a, "Yallow".*** 

 My dear college friend, who had to put through all this craziness, recently sent me this.

It's times like these when pictures speak louder than words: all these years, Sophia (of The Golden Girls) has been alter granny ego.

Funnily enough, I'd taken this picture a year or so in a half with my granny character in mind.

It's crazy how things come together, eh?

I guess it's good to know what the future holds for you.
Old Granny, I can take, all too happily for that matter.
 But then there's also this:

Do you have any granny-like qualities?
Do you also find yourself saying, "Back in my days..." as of late?

* I have been wanting to learn how to knit for a while now. I did learn how to quilt last year though, so that kind of compensates, no?
** This may have to do with me being Mexican. (And that's only okay when I say it!)
*** This was also the time I was interested in everything/anything Yiddish.


  1. I laughed hysterically through this whole post!

    1. LOL Good (and crazy) times, eh? ;)

  2. loving the glasses ;) hahaha, i get made fun of too... i go to bed super early! & no worries, creating characters is amazingly fun, it just shows you have a creative mind :D

    1. Haha thanks! Good to know I'm not THAT crazy ;)
      Woot- here's to sleeping early!