Ohai Blog.

You can't see me now, but as I type this, I'm blushing.
This re-encounter with MY blog (won't lie- totally forgot I was running this joint) has been postponed for far too long.

But I've got a good excuse: I'm in Bangkok.
That's right- in Thailand!
Pre-flight hubbub, 2 days of travel, settling in, sight-seeing, jet lag... And blogging??
I know women are known to multi-task, but they need to cut us some slack. Am I right?

I am also easily distracted. And trying to keep up with my time-wasters inspirations is enough to drive a person away from a computer screen.

So, what's pending in my cyber life?
1. Upgrade Flickr account to Pro
2. Finish Top 10 Favourite Entries
3. Find out/Discover where this blog is going...

Hopefully this month I'll be able to see to it all. 

In the meantime, I insist and urge you all to visit Lobster & Swan.com and check out the amazing Matchbox a Day entries Jeska has been uploading/sharing.
The first one is my favourite, so far. I love mail.

See you soon.
I hope.

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