Oh no she didn't!

I'm not exactly sure why I'm giving the Oscars more time from my life, but here I go anyway!
(Any excuse to post the pretties of Hollywood, eh)
It used to be I'd anxiously anticipate the awards. Now I just can't be 'bovvered', really. 
The Academy Awards were serious. Not that they weren't funny too, but at least they weren't trying to be funny (which is the worst thing you can do). They were the real deal.
I can't quite put into words how I feel about it and why it has changed-- the movies chosen for Best Picture year after year have something to do with it (and now they have to decide between 9 films- wtf).

The Ones I saw: 'The Help', solely because it was playing on the plane.  'Midnight in Paris'- which I did actually like. A lot. Very much so. 'Bridesmaids' was surprised to see was nominated. It is good to see female comedy out there but it annoys me how everyone acts like its a new thing. There has always been funny women- it's just now they've the power to take over. 'Beginners' I also liked very much- I thought it was cute! And I love Ewan McGregor, but he really needs to work on his American accent. His rather weird southern drawl worked on 'Down with Love', but when it's a serious film...

 'Tree of Life' is still on my To-See list, as is ... 'Hugo'. And 'The Artist' (wah-wah).  
I saw wah-wah because this is what a friend has to say about it...
And 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Just because. (And 'Melancholia', 'Drive', 'Shame', 'Jane Eyre','Biutiful', 'Somewhere','Salvation Road', 'Inception' - wait, now I'm going too far back...)
Et bon.
This is the part where I just start posting pictures to make it easier on the eyes.
Penelope Cruz looked like a Princess- a Spanish Grace Kelly, if you will. That tone of blue (or what colour is it?) works on her. 'Cause if you're planning on wearing a ball gown, you save it for Oscar night.
Gwyneth girl, you need to smile more naturally and not be afraid of whatever it is you're afraid of. You's an Oscar winner! I loved this dress- the cape, the jewelry, the whiteness of it all embellished its simplicity. See gals, sometimes less really is more.

You know, now that I've put these two dresses together, they kind of look the same. Kind of.

 Okay, not that much. Let's stop looking into it...
Je crois qui Michelle Williams has really been gracing the red carpets  tres chic-ly this past Awards season. Pixie cut cuteness overload- it's almost just too much to bear. She's come a long way from Dawson's Creek days (and we'll never let her forget that).
Natalie Portman looked flawless in that gown- her makeup also gets thumbs up from me!

If you've never seen or heard any Flight of the Conchords, do your sad-self a favour and watch.
Actions speak louder than words sometimes. This is one of those times.
Booya. He's an Academy Award winner.

Jessica Chastain is FLAWLESS. And this won't be the last time we'll be seeing her at the Academy Awards. I hate her 'cause not only is she graced with stunning good looks, but she's a fuckin' great actress.**
And so we come to The Streep. 'Bout time she won another Oscar. Meryl owned the moment in her gold dress (she knew she was taking the gold man home...). I cried during her speech. But I also cried during Octavia Spencer's and the 'In Memoriam'... 
Technically I have no say in saying who deserved the statuette for Best Actress as I've no knowledge of any of the performances, but when Meryl is involved, you know it's good. Hell, it's fantastic. She delivers. Viola Davis I did watch kill the screen on 'The Help', actually. Her face says so much on screen.

Sorry for taking some more of your time. If anything, this was just self-gratifying. Babble, babble from someone who calls herself an actress (oh, you better believe it!). I've done the 'shampoo-in-hands-in-front-of-the-mirror' speech. 

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, adieu!
I think Uggie needs deserves a break. A vacay.

 * All images found on the Internet (mostly via Tumblr).
** For the record, I don't really hate her. Au contraire. She's fabulous.


  1. Gwyneth was my favourite... I couldn't believe that Tom Ford was the designer- such understated sensuality is not what he is known for!

  2. gwyneths outfit is just perfect! x

  3. haha this dog is fabulous!
    great post :)