Wool of the King

(See what I did there? Being bilingual has so many advantages...)

I'm a bit late on the LdR bandwagon.
A couple of weeks ago I had no idea who Lana del Rey was. <- That is me being honest.

Lana del Rey this and Lana del Rey that - even Kristen Wiig parodied her (fabulously, I might add) on SNL. Who was this Lana del Rey and what's the deal with her?

Yesterday, I finally decided to look up some of her songs on youtube. To my surprise, I've discovered her music isn't half bad. (Of course, that's just my opinion)

My two favourites, so far? Blue Jeans* and Kinda Outta Luck

So if you were like me, I dare you to check her music out.
Are you a hater or a lover?

* I think I've listened to Blue Jeans more than 10 times today. Oh dear.


  1. i only know video games and i think it's..okay. There's a really great cover by Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose out though, you should check it out!

  2. Sabes que es gracioso que yo tampoco sabia quien era hasta hace un par de meses, y después hablando con un amigo de boarding school me dijo que era 'Lizzy Grant'! La conozco de la escuela haha, pero tiene el look cambiadisimo!

    1. jajaja- what a small world!