On Hold (For the Time Being...)

Favourite Movies. Favourite Places Visited.
Bangkok's already quickly becoming a runner in the latter category...

However, before I get to blabbering on about my top favourite categories (who doesn't like movies or travelling?) I wanted to share the only semi-colourful section of my new room.

all photos taken by yours truly

I am also absolutely in love with my new bedding. Pictures of that tomorrow, as I still haven't finished washing my duvet (for the extra fluffiness). 

I still think the room needs a little bit more colour.
What could I used to hang stuff up without damaging the walls?

* Seriously. I don't know what I'll do when picnik.com will no longer be running. Quelle dommage!


  1. I love that teacup and that polka dot tray!! So cute! AND that you are reading Poirot!