Ying & Yang: In which I get a little personal...

Recently I've been good- by that I mean, I've felt good about mysel. I've felt happy about life in general. I've been grateful for all life has given me. I've decided worrying and anger only hurts yourself.
I haven't felt like this in a long time, let alone for long periods of time.

I discovered it takes a lot more effort keeping up the "I feel like shit, I need someone to console me" gig than letting myself enjoy every day and moment. It's so easy to let the light in- even if you are in the lowest of lows. Just know it's there. And you can let it in, little by little.

Source: swiss-miss.com via Mariana on Pinterest

[Marc Johns illustration*]
Guys, it is so much easier being happy. Just being.
Being yourself.

That's not to say shit happens. Because it can and it does...

Yesterday I was a little too high on positivity that my concentration was not where it needed to be.
Needless to say, I crashed the front of my car on a sidewalk and a tree stump.
I did not realise I set the gear on Drive, when I needed it to be on Reverse- and being affected by my overall frenetic state, I didn't hesitate in pushing the gas pedal.
No, I wasn't drunk. I hadn't had a drop of alcohol.
I don't know what it was, but I screwed up pretty badly.

I immediately felt awful, naturally, but realised (in retrospect) that most of my mortifiation came from "What will those who saw me hit the sidewalk think of me?!" Whenever I asked myself that question, I would cringe.**

After I realised what was happening, I had to stop myself and say:
"Hey. It's okay. You're not perfect."**
Everyone screws up.
Let's not forget to be grateful.

It's silly to look back on things and see how you're affected most by judging youself through other people's eyes***, instead of letting yourself be and grow. Learn.
Happiness is a warm gun (bang bang shoot shoot) is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you.

And lesson proved: no matter how bad things may be or can get, it will get better.
Maybe not immediately, but it will.

Just don't be so hard on yourself.

* One of my favourite illustrators! 
** And this is not to say that crashing your car into things is okay either.
*** Speaking for myself here. 


  1. That is great news, Mariana! And I love that you wrote such an inspiring post about it.

    This past year I've been working on being as positive as possible too:D

    I read somewhere that your reaction to things is pretty much all that matters and I've kept that in mind ever since.

    Will check out the illustrator as well!


    1. Thanks!
      Yeah- reaction really is important, I think.
      All it takes is the effort to think positively, and you're already on the right track :)

  2. awww, i'm glad you've been feeling this way! it's always much better to walk around with a smile :D
    thank you for the reminder, it's always useful :)

    1. Right? :) A smile really goes a long way!

  3. I love this! Well not that you crashed (so sorry about that) but that you are taking on a positive perspective. I think perspective is everything, and I too feel that being pessimistic or negative (which we all can be) is much more draining and truly a waste of time. That's not to say that we don't need those down moments, but as you say, it will get better in time! :)

    1. I agree- it's okay to feel (and let yourself feel) sad, but you just have to know when enough is enough and get over things. I mean, any sort of grievance or sadness is only human.
      Positivity has really changed my outlook on many things :)