This is Just to Say...

I've been busy with school and "work".*

I've been listening to this non-stop this week.

I spent some time with my nephew.

I built a bear (or rather, rabbit)!

I got my All Hallow's Read book in the mail!**

I also may or may not dress up for Halloween...

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend!
And stay safe if Hurricane Sandy is approaching your whereabouts.

* I am actually working- it's still a little hard to believe at times.
** Ana from Things Mean A Lot organized a book swap. This was the original post :)


  1. Hi there!

    I'm so glad your book arrived. I was your swap partner, but since I sent it internationally, I didn't get to tell you who I was!

    I keep meaning to send you a card, but in the meantime, hello!! I'm Lu :)

    1. Oh, so glad you let me know who you are! And thank you so much for the book- I can't wait to sit down and read :)